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 Post subject: Behind the scenes Part 1
PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:14 pm 
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Robin: Hello everyone, this is Robin, one of the writers for Super Mario Numb3rs! Today I'm here with a behind the scenes look of the series! Everyone, enjoy these clips of our days of filming at the Super Mario Numb3rs set!

*Ash is talking to Mario in the changing rooms.*
Ash: So, Mario, how did it feel to film that scene in which you thought Luigi died?
Mario: That was very difficult, I had to show my emotional side and I don't really cry often.
Ash: You performed great, though. I loved watching that.
Mario: What? You were watching me?
Ash: Yep. I stood next to the camera while they were recording the scene.
Mario: I honestly had troubles with my last scene of the Ordeal Games chapter.
*Luigi walks over to Mario.*
Luigi: Mario!
Mario: What's the matter, Luigi?
Luigi: Austin wants us to come to a read-through of our next scene.
Mario: Alright then, I'm coming. Ash, it was nice talking to you!
Ash: Thanks Mario, have fun! You too, Luigi!

*Wario walks through the building, followed by Waluigi. He has a megaphone with him.*
Robin: Wario? Waluigi? What are you guys doing?
Wario: We're holding a protest!
Robin: A protest? Why?
Wario: Because we're not in the recent scenes of this series! Nobody has written scenes of us in the script!
Waluigi: It's like they don't need us anymore!
Wario: I won't take that any longer! I'm going to Tim and Austin and I'm going to force myself in the script!
Robin: That wouldn't be possible. Our writing room is protected by very strong guards.
Wario: I'll defeat them anyway! Come Waluigi, let's go, and don't forget your tennis racket!
Waluigi: I've got it with me, Wario!
*Waluigi takes his tennis racket with him.*

*Coyote walks over to Robin.*
Robin: And what's wrong with you?
Coyote: This line in my script! I can't get it right!
Robin: I didn't write your plot, you should complain to one of the other writers about it.
Coyote: No, you're going to help me!
Robin: Ugh, fine... What line is it?
Coyote: That one line where I'm trying to flirt with that Katherine girl. She's actually quite pretty, so I'm glad I have to play a scene like this, but I always mess it up somehow.
Robin: Umm... I don't want to be a burden, but you know that that girl is taken in real life, right?
Coyote: What? She is? Damn, I don't make a chance anymore!
Robin: Why would she want to be with a coyote?
Coyote: Don't ruin the moment! I can fantasize, right?
*Coyote runs off, annoyed and slightly frustrated.*

*Robin goes back to the writers room and Austin walks up to him.*
Austin: Robin! What did you do? *Angry*
Robin: I... I don't know... What did I do?
Austin: Look at the entrance gate of our studio! I told you not to introduce that guy into our series!
Robin: Which guy?
Austin: You know damn well which guy!
Robin: Umm... I'll go take a look...
*Robin walks over to the entrance gate and notices a man with a big hat.*
Robin: Are you here for an audition?
Man: No, I was promised a role in this series!
Robin: By who?
Man: By a certain Robin.
Robin: Huh? But that's me... Then who are you?
Man: Professor Layton! You said you'd introduce me in one of your previous chapters, yet you didn't!
Robin: Yeah, I know. Listen, sir, there were changes in the script. Austin, our big boss, didn't approve with my idea of adding you into the series. I'm sorry, but...
Layton: I'm not leaving! I signed the contract to join!
Robin: But, sir...!
Layton: Let me talk to that big boss!
*He rushes off through the gate, in search for Austin.*

Robin: And here you see it, quite a busy day at set. Mario and Luigi preparing their roles; Wario, Waluigi and Coyote having problems...
Wario: Hey! I heard that! Give me that microphone for a sec!
Robin: Why should I?
Wario: *Takes the microphone.* Hey guys! If you think Waluigi and I should return to the series, then go to and vote for us! If we get 20,000 votes by the end of this month, we can return. Thank you!
Robin: *Takes microphone back* Enough of that! Where was I? Oh yeah, Wario, Waluigi and Coyote having problems and Professor Layton being accidentally hired by me. Luckily that's fixed and we managed to get rid of him. He said he'd call his lawyer, a certain... Phoenix Wright? He didn't show up yet, so we have nothing to fear! Anyways, I hope I'll see you next time in... Super Mario Numb3rs, Behind the scenes!

Super Mario Numb3rs, Season 3. I'm so excited!

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