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 Post subject: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 2, Chapter 7: DARK REVELATIONS
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:45 am 
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Super Mario NUMB3RS
Season 2
Chapter 7

Dark Revelations

"This Post-War is finally going to come to an end and all will be well. But maybe what the heroes intend, they realize there's more to the angels and Dr. Pipeazoid than they expected. Mario and Luigi are separated from the angels as they intend Mario to be the one to kill Dr. Pipeazoid. Luigi has his suspicions that maybe the angels are hiding something from them. Sonic and Shadow go back in time to discover that maybe Dr. Pipeazoid was not the main cause of the war, and neither was Xaria who didn't receive blood, or the council that refused to give it to her. Dr. Pipeazoid fires Dr. Math but refuses to kill her, since she represented the girl he loved. After Dr. Math is released, he, kidnaps Amy in which Suezy told Sonic about when she came from the future. Meanwhile, Ash finds out from Brock that Shadow intends to find Azurith, who may have some sort of big connection to Dr. Pipeazoid. Ash hopes Yen Sid can help him, but he had to get Jon to help him find a portal to the rightful universe. But Ash tries to lose Jon's track by having Gary and Cilan give them more time by going to Winnie the Pooh's world, so that way Jon doesn't stop Ash from trying to find out more about Azurith. Meanwhile in Sacramento, Otacon has to use modern cryptography methods to solve an ex-crytographer's codes to find Caesar's List which contains a list of double agents and traitors working for the terrorists in other countries. This means they will have to interrogate with Jared's friend Nathaniel Pole again, after he got arrested for being one of the double agents for the Chinese. Just when the heroes thought it was all over, they were blinded to realize there was more that will split them apart."

Page 1:


[Start of the Season 2 Finale, Chapter 7]

Dylan Ballard was driving across the Tower Bridge heading straight to the FBI office. There were no current cases they needed to solve, and all seemed to be well. There was construction of some sort going on in the middle of the bridge. Dylan passes by seeing an old man standing around. Usually the FBI office is notified of any construction work going on in town, and Dylan doesn't remember one being mentioned for the Tower Bridge. He looks in his rear view mirror as he sees he old man holding out a cell phone. The old presses a button and the construction vechile behind him exploded. Dylan steps on the breaks and jumps out of the car pointing his gun towards the man.

"FBI! GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!" Dylan shouted.

"Don't even think about it agent!" the old man called out. "This whole bridge is blow up if you come any closer!"

"Alright!" Dylan yelled holding one hand out. "What is it going to take for that not to happen?"

An hour passes as the Tower Bridge is completely blocked off by the FBI and the Sacramento Police on both ends. The man was using cell phones as bombs, which he wired to the towers, the side of the bridge, and even under it. But it was hard to determine what cell phone product he was using. The man had his thumb on the button threatening to press it if anyone comes near him or attempts to shoot. The standard procedure in this situation is to keep your criminal alive for interrogation, and there's no way this man is going anywhere.

Otacon arrives on the bridge and runs into a trailer where Eppes, Susan, Dylan, Jared, and the the FBI agents were.

"You called me for something?" Otacon said.

"Yes," Eppes replied. "We have this guy on the bridge with cell phones strapped on him, which are connected to the bombs attached to every part of this bridge."

"So what is it that you want me for?" Otacon asked.

"I know this is asking a lot Otacon, but he wanted you," Dylan said. "If you weren't here by sunset, he would blow up this entire bridge."

Otacon starts to feel an unease on the inside.

"You know it's an honor to help you guys and all," Otacon stuttered, "but this is-"

Otacon cuts himself off as Susan finishes his sentence. "Asking too much?"

"Yes," Otacon said. "But why does he want me? I don't even recognize him."


Jon, Hayley and Alex, bored and annoyed explored the Mushroom Kingdom for a bit to take their minds off the angels.

"Man this place is beautiful." Alex commented.

"Yeah good thing I could see it before I went blind." Hayley stated smiling.

Eventually the trio return back to the Central Universe. Jon went to the gaming room, playing several video games to take his mind off the recent events while Alex and Hayley were in their rooms passing the time with their thoughts and little games of boredom.


*Sonic and Shadow arrives in a more modern city.*
Sonic: This looks like the city we were in. Just less ruin like.
Shadow: This must be either during or before the war.
Sonic: But why are we in an ally way?
Shadow: Most likely, these buildings were destroyed during the war, or the part of the ship we came out of crashed here.
*They started to hear familiar voices coming close. They hid behind a dumpster to keep from getting seen. The voices grew louder. Three people came into view. They stopped at the ally.*
Shadow: Alice.
Sonic: And Xaria. They are here? And that guy with them. Who is that?
Shadow: This must be before the war. Alice and Xaria stayed close until that day Alice received blood. That was when the war began.
Sonic: Xaria looks very determined as she did when we faced her.
Shadow: The outfit they're wearing. It is exactly like Maria's outfit, but old and worn out looking.
Sonic: Shadow, stay with me man. I know you have regrets for losing Maria, but we need to focus.
Shadow: I know. It just wierd to see Xaria at this time. If it wasn't for the hair, she would look exactly like her.
Sonic: Well, at least she was stopped.
Shadow: Yes, and Alice had payed the price to make sure that it happen.
Sonic: But I see why she started the war. None of them should been denied. I rather continued to fight side by side with Xash and Xicnos.
Shadow: You still remember them?
Sonic: Xicnos was the reason you and Alice to get back on my feet. And Xash helped me fight off that ambush on the way to Castle Death. And the other Bloodless members I faced had some great personalities. It was just unfair they ended up following Xaria's orders.
Shadow: The ones I faced acted just like Xaria. But Xash was the only one that I didn't take out. He was onto a plot to go against Xaria. You should thank Xicnos more, because he left the group and came back to face them all alone.
Sonic: Did Alice looked scare when you first met her?
Shadow: No, she was more sad.
Sonic: Really. She must have changed through the years. It is wierd she still looked so young.
Shadow: Fifty years here must be shorter in other worlds. At this time, me and you could be fighting for the first time in our world.
Sonic: Yeah. Trying to figure how to work with time is just too complicated to figure out. Even Tails haven't figured it out yet.
Shadow: I think I know who the man is.
Sonic: Really. Who?
Shadow: The man himself, Pipeazoid.
Sonic: He really had hair?! I thought that was from you turning into him.
Shadow: Alice told me I looked exactly like him when they first met.
Sonic: It is weird. He seems happy instead of miserable. I guess this is the real him.
Shadow: Let's follow them and listen in. We might find out what they are doing as of now.
Sonic: Right, and everyone will see us.
Shadow: Not if we run on the rooftops.
Sonic: We won't be making out what they say.
Shadow: Then wait until they get out of range to go to the next ally.
Sonic: Ok. That can work.
*The three starts moving as Sonic and Shadow slowly follows them.*

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 2, Chapter 7: DARK REVELATION
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:48 am 
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Joined: Sun Jul 28, 2013 3:59 am
Posts: 372
Highscores: 7
Page 2:

Tim Lemmens:

In the gym in Pewter City, Rob was still thinking of his next move.

Iris: Boy, this is taking long. It's getting bored.
Ash: Yeah, I know. Altough, I've heard that things like this do happen sometimes in battles. It's very unique but it happens.
Gary: Ash is right. I once faced a trainer who was thinking for 5 hours for the right strategy.
Iris: Well, let's hope that, when Rob does something, he comes up with a very good strategy.
Ash: He could. But then again, Brock might still beat him. He is very good.
Cilan: That's like the 5th time you say that.
Ash: He just is.


Jon, bored decided to check out what was happening within the other worlds seeing what everyone else was up to.

Shadow and Sonic were talking, Ash and the others were in a long Pokemon battle with a trainer Jon hadn't seen before and Peach and the others were off on normal business.

Jon however decided to check out on thing he had been reluctant to look at for ages. The Forbidden Realm.

Jon thought "What if the Forbidden Realm is where Pipeazoid and Math are hiding out. They know that no one would risk looking at such a dangerous place and they do have the skills and technology to survive and make a base there. But am I right? I guess there's only one way to find out."

Jon then began searching through the Forbidden Realm on the machine, hoping this leap of faith could pay off.


Xaria: I don't know why we are even doing this. This is just a waste of time.
Eric: Do you not want to fully exist?
Xaria: I do exist. Why does it matter if we fully exist or not?
Eric: To be able to feel and have feelings. That all you two are missing.
Alice: I don't know. Didn't you say they rejected everything you found?
Eric: Yes. But this time, I have the feeling that they will accept you two.
*They continue walking while Sonic and Shadow are following behind them. Alice then runs back, crying. Eric follows her. Sonic and Shadow hides in the alleyway. Alice stops at the end of the alleyway and drops to her knees. Eric catches up to her.*
Alice: I can't... I can't do it.
Eric: Why not?
Alice: They will refuse me. Xaria is more of a warrior. They would want her to be apart of this city.
Eric: This is just fear talking. You only experience fear and sadness while she experience bravery and anger. Xaria may have strength on her side, but you have something she don't have.
Alice: What is that?
Eric: A heart. You care about others. They will want you as well. If they don't, I will fight until they do. I will make sure you gain happiness.
Alice: Thanks.
*Eric helps Alice up. They continued on.*
Shadow: Alice told me she never felt happiness until she gained blood.
Sonic: I guess Bloodless have certain feelings only. Xaria managed to give a lot of them anger.
Shadow: Today must be the day that Alice receives blood.
Sonic: Maybe we can change history by preventing the war.
Shadow: It will do us no good. We wouldn't find out about Azurith if none of these events happens. We could make it worse than before.
Sonic: Pipeazoid and Xaria working together?
Shadow: Yes.
Sonic: Alright. I guess we just continue the following them then.
Shadow: Yes.
*Sonic and Shadow continues to follow Eric, Alice, and Xaria.*


[After you read this post, you can kind of see why it took a long time for me to post.]

Otacon took a closer look at the detonators where the cell phones have been placed. The metal ribs support the arch, and if the old man takes out enough of them, it will collapse and bring the entire bridge down with it. Dylan suggests that they could shut off the service towers the phones are using, but without knowing on what the cell phones are using, they won't be able to prevent a way from avoiding the bridge to collapse.

Jared suggests that he and Dylan should take a climb under the bridge with a harpoon gun to try to get a closer look at the detonators. If Otacon can hold off the guy long enough, they should be able to prevent any bombs from going off.

A monitor was brought out on a remote controlled roller to present Otacon to the man himself without having to face him in person.

"Very clever," the man said. "Now answer me this Otacon. What is the name of the scientist that found the law to motion, and how many laws are there?"

Otacon was confused on why the heck he was asking him a question based on the physical laws of motion.

"Remember, do what he asks, and don't give him a reason to to blow up the bridge or be angered," Eppes reminded Otacon as he reminds him where the switch is to turn on the input.

"The name of the scientist is Isaac Newton, and there are three laws of motion," Otacon answered. "Do you need me to explain what the three laws are?"

"No," the man replied as he takes two cell phones and tosses them off to the side.

"I'm sorry if I don't recognize you, but have I met you before?" Otacon asked.

"No," the man answered. "But I am a huge admirer of who you are. Not just with your work in the FBI. But also your efforts from where you came from." Otacon holds in his nervousness hoping this man is not going to reveal about other worlds, if he does know. "Now here's how this works Otacon. I'll be asking you some questions and it gets harder as we go. Each time you answer a question correctly, I'll throw away a phone. Fail to answer one correctly, and I'll detonate a bomb."

Otacon feels more at an unease than ever, knowing all of Sacramento depends on him to save the Tower Bridge and everyone on it. Knowing Jared and Dylan are down below, he cannot get an answer wrong that will surely kill them.

Meanwhile down below, Jared and Dylan get closer to the detonators on the right side of the bridge.

"Two machines produce a widget. The first machine produces 70% of them," the man said as Otacon quickly gets out a pen to write the information down. "The second machine produces 30%. The first machine has a defect rate of 15%, while the second machine has a defect rate of 5%. If you have a defect, what is the probability that it came from the first machine?"

Otacon quickly branches out the percentages, knowing this was a Bayes' Law question of Partial Probability.

0.7 x 0.15 = 0.105 (Machine one with defect rate)
0.7 x 0.85 = 0.595 (Machine one without defect rate)
0.3 x 0.05 = 0.015 (Machine two with defect rate)
0.3 x 0.95 = 0.285 (Machine two without defect rate)

Total Defect: .0105 + 0.015 = 0.125

Defect from A ÷ Total Defects
0.105 ÷ 0.125
= 0.875


"Eighty-seven point five percent," Otacon replied hoping he didn't screw up on basic partial probability.

The man throws away a phone indicating Otacon got the right answer. "Francis Bacon posited five obstructions to the scientific method."

"The Idols of the Mind," Otacon replied. "The Theater, the cave, the tribe, the school, and-"

Otacon pauses forgetting what he was missing. There were five Idols of the Mind that Francis Bacon described in the obstructed path of scientific reasoning. But once he heard the name Francis Bacon, he almost drifts away remembering that was a nickname of the man who fought in the Bloodless War, by the name of Ryder Bacon. He tries to remember what he was missing, but it was too late. The man presses a button on the cell phone, which sets a bomb off under bridge across on the opposite side where Jared and Dylan were.

"THE MARKETPLACE!" Otacon screamed remembering the name right after the bomb went off. "DAMN IT! YOU DIDN'T GIVE ME ENOUGH TIME!"

"I'm not just testing your mind Otacon," the man snapped back. "I'm also testing your heart, and how willing you are to use it, to save this bridge from collapsing. Now, let's continue."

Tim Lemmens:

Ash: This is taking really long now.
Gary: I admit, he's almost breaking the record of that trainer I faced.
Brock: Don't worry, Crobat, you may attack soon! I promise!
Ash: Why is Rob holding his head down?
Cilan: Is he snoring?
Gary: He fell asleep?
Ash: Seems like it!
Iris: Let's wake him up.
Ash: No, wait. Now that he is asleep, I can ask Brock about Shadow.

Ash walks towards Brock.


*Sonic and Shadow followed Eric, Alice, and Xaria to a large building that would be city hall. Eric, Alice, and Xaria enters the building.*
Shadow: This must be the building that the council members makes their decisions on ideas.
Sonic: There is a large window up there. We could look in it to see what happens.
Shadow: Good idea.
*Sonic and Shadow runs up the wall and got on the ledge where the window was. Inside, they watched the events that unfolds. (For details of the event, go to Super Mario Numb3rs season 1, page 48, next to last post.)*
Sonic: Did you see that? That dark glow was the exact same glow I saw on Pipeazoid.
Shadow: I saw it. That is the same glow that turned me into him. And the member that gave the orb, he twitched his hand when it appeared on Xaria. But it his eyes and hair I recognized the most. That is Azurith's eyes and hair color. He was one of the council members.
Sonic: So Xaria was a victim herself as well. That means he started this whole war.
Shadow: It seems so. Just at the time, we didn't know. Alice said that she is taken from this world in a few months from now.
Sonic: Then let's go and find out how Pipeazoid got involved.
*Sonic and Shadow used Chaos Control to their next stop. Meanwhile, at Dr. Pipeazoid's base in the present time, Dr. Pipeazoid comes out of repair. Dr. Math walks up to him.*
Dr. Math: You called for me?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Yes. Do you want this base?
Dr. Math: Why?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Because once I get the Zuel Blade, I will restart my old world, but make sure I can never be a failure. I would no longer need this place. That is why I asked.
Dr. Math: Sorry, but no. This place brings nothing but bad memories of you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: I expected as much. I don't blame you. I tried to kill you multiple times. But did it ever occur to you why I never did kill you?
Dr. Math: Because you are weak.
Dr. Pipeazoid: No. You remind me of her. The one I love. Inside my chest is a compartment that houses my only reminder of her I truly have that reminds me she existed. An engagement ring. She died on the day I became the villain you see. Watching you suffer by my hands makes something in me to stop. I regretted everyday that I could not stop her from testing the portal that robbed her life. It was my creation that ruined my whole life.
Dr. Math: Really. Well then, what are you going to do then?
Dr. Pipeazoid: I am setting you free.
*Dr. Pipeazoid opens a hatch on his left arm and pressed a red button. Dr. Math suddenly felt some pain all over her body. She starts screaming in pain. The pain stopped. She falls to her hands and knees and starts puking out blood with small, metallic objects.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: You will be throwing up those nanite fail safe for a while. You will never be harmed by me again. You're fired.
Dr. Math: What?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: You heard me. You're fired. I have no more use for you. Go. Do whatever you want.
Dr. Math: That is it. You brought me to life to do your work, tried to kill me, and now firing me?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: This will be my last evil work. I might not even succeed and die again. It the end of my long struggle, win or lose. But before you go, I like to ask a favor of you before I died. After I asked Alice to marry me, we talked about having kids. She wanted a daughter named Sarah. I would like to know if you will take that name as your first name.
Dr. Math: I always wanted a first name, but I am not sure about Sarah. I will take it into consideration for now.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Very well. Now if you excuse me, I have something to do now.


[Sorry for the short post, I just need to think more about the FBI plot since I'm using a lot of calculus mathematics and modern cryptographic methods that I am self-teaching myself to put into this final chapter, which means all of these questions and answers are all real. Also as of the 23rd of June, I have graduated from high school!]

Mario and Luigi eat a great meal provided in the Green Room after arguing about the stakes at hand with the angels wanting them to kill Dr. Pipeazoid. The room was able to provide them any type of food they wanted when they look away from the table. They don't know how it's done, but they use it to have whatever they want. They could even summon a small room to the side, where a toilet would be present to them, and disappear once they go back into the Green Room. Mario and Luigi refused to talk to each other for the whole day as Mario takes a rest and Luigi has the food to himself. Luigi realized that even though the Green Room could provide to anyone's needs or wishes, it doesn't have the ability to change Mario's mind or warp them back home. If anything, Mario and Luigi have definitely become more like Charles and Christopher back in the parallel universe they came from. On Luigi's mind, he wondered if the angels had a purpose or if they really do care about other worlds by helping them defeat Dr. Pipeazoid. Or should it be rephrased to kill? From Luigi's view, they seem to thirst for violence and death. After what they did to Mario sending him back in time facing monsters, blinding Hayley even though it was unintentional, and Raphael going on a killing spree in the parallel universe. If anything, they probably have caused more deaths than Dr. Pipeazoid himself has. Luigi wants to believe he can trust the angels, but there was something that made him say, who's doing the right thing? After all, these angels are warriors and messengers of Heaven, so maybe there's something he's missing.

Back under the bridge, Jared and Dylan gets closers to the bombs where the cell phones have been placed. Dylan gets nervous of the bombs possibly going off of him, while Jared is more concerned in finding out which service tower the phones are using. Jared gets close to one and tried to find the name on the cell.

"Jared!" Dylan called out. "This is insane!"

"Well you volunteered," Jared said.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 2, Chapter 7: DARK REVELATION
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 12:50 am 
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Despite working his hardest, Jon could still not find Pipeazoid in the forbidden realm.

He then reviewed all footage of how Pipeazoid ambushed them and the Angels earlier and saw that he passed through the portal from an undetermined location.

Pipeazoid was covering his tracks and Jon needed to get to the bottom of it.

As this went on Hayley walked in, slightly limping with Alex.

"What are you doing?" Alex asked curiously.

"Doing everything I can to find Pipeazoid. If I can get to him before the angels and help Mario and Luigi destroy him, then things could get better for us. All of us." Jon explained.

"Jon take a break, drink some water or do something. Obsessing other finding Pipeazoid won't help much." Hayley argued.

"Perhaps but it's worth a shot." Jon stated as he got back to work.

Tim Lemmens:

Brock: So, you want me to know if I've seen Shadow?
Ash: Yes.
Brock: Well, he was here. But not for long. He was just wondering wheter I was still training Rock-type Pokémon or not.
Iris: That's all?
Brock: Yes, he left afterwards.
Ash: Doesn't really sound like Shadow. Was that REALLY what he did here.
Brock: Y-Yes.
Ash: Really?
Brock: Alright, alright. I'll tell the truth. Shadow said to you he was going to see me as an excuse to have you not ask to much questions. He only came here to tell me to confirm that he had been here.
Ash: Why was he in our world?
Brock: He was looking for a guy named Azurith.
Cilan: Azurill? Like the Pokémon?
Brock: No, Azurith. I don't know who that Azurith guy was, but Shadow was looking for him. He didn't tell me why.
Ash: I see. Well, I'm quite curious to know more about that Azurith guy. And If Shadow is looking for him, I might have an idea where we have to look. Come.

Ash and the gang left the gym.

Brock: Hey, and what about that Rob guy?
Ash: If he wakes up, send him after us.
Brock: But I don't know where you're going.
Ash: Send him to Professor Oak's lab, then.
Brock: Alright.


(Congratulations Nitsua. My cousin graduated from High School a few weeks ago in this month.)
*Sonic and Shadow arrived at the time they wanted to go to.*
Sonic: Are you sure we are in the right time? This looks like our time.
Shadow: Yeah. I see people walking around. These damages to the buildings must be caused by the war. We are in the right time.
Sonic: How would you know?
*They see a large explosion in the distance with a building collapsing down.*
Sonic: What was that?!
Shadow: Your answer.
*Sonic and Shadow runs over to where the explosion. When they arrived, they saw two of the council members and a lot of people were trying to clear the rubble to find any survivors.*
Council member 1: I have found someone!
*Everyone runs over and starts helping digging out the buried person.*
Council member 2: It's professor Bright!
Council member 1: He is still alive. But his body is crushed.
Council member 2: Get him to the hospital. We can do something to keep him alive.
Council member 1: What can we do. Every bone other than the ones in his head must have been crushed. He won't be able to do anything.
Council member 2: We can transfer his lungs and heart into his head. As long as we have his brilliant mind, he can help win this war.
Council member 1: What?! He was the reason this war started! He brought Xaria to us!
Council member 2: And it was us who refused to give her blood. He made a great discovery after years of failures. We has refused every thing he brought. We even ok'ed for the portal project. You can stay and help find anyone else in the rubble while I get Azurith and perform the operation.
Council member 1: Why Azurith? He seems to have a real fond of Eric here. He has been checking everything Eric has done everyday until today.
Council member 2: Because he needs to know. It may be against the rules to have that close connection to someone outside the council, but in times of war, somethings must change. He needs to know.
*The ambulance arrived. They get a stretcher out and got Eric on it. The ambulance drives off.*
Shadow: Azurith been seeing him everyday since the war started.
Sonic: Something tells me that Pipeazoid's experimental portal was not an accident.
Shadow: You thinking it was sabotaged.
Sonic: Yes. And my money is on Azurith.
Shadow: Let's go and follow them.
*Sonic and Shadow went after the ambulance.*

Tim Lemmens:

Ash and the gang enter the Pewter City Pokémon Center.

May: You think Shadow is here?
Ash: Don't be ridiculous.
Dawn: Then why are we here? I mean, we haven't used our Pokémon in battle lately so they are all fine. And it's not evening yet. In fact it's only 1.00 P.M.
Ash: I'm not here to heal my Pokémon, and neither do I want to sleep. No, I need to phone.
Gary: Why don't you use your Pokénav, then?
Ash: Out of batteries.
Gary: Oh. So, who are you going to call?
Ash: Jon.
Iris: Jon? You mean THE Jon? The one that helped us catch the Mudkips? He who guards the Central Universe?
Ash: Precisly.
Cilan: And why are you going to call him?
Ash: Well, you know I want to know what Shadow is up to, right?
Iris: Yup.
Ash: And most of you, maybe apart from Iris and Cilan know that Shadow has a soul blade, right.
May: Yeah. We do.
Iris: What's a soul blade?
Ash: I'll explain later. Anyways, the point is, a soul blade is very familiar to a keyblade and works in the same way. Now keyblades can only be found in the Kingdom Hearts universe. I'm pretty sure that Mickey's teacher and master Yen Sid knows as much about the soul blade as about the keyblade. So, my guess is that he knows where Shadow is.
Dawn: I think I'm starting to understand.
May: You want to know where the nearest portal is to the Kingdom Hearts world, right?
Ash: Exactly. And Jon might know that. That's why I am going to call him.


Otacon tries to calm himself down knowing if he got another question wrong, it may kill Dylan and Jared, if the first one hasn't already.

"I'm going to give over my life's work to you people," the man coughed.

"What work?" Otacon inquired. "What work are you talking about?"

"When the inventor of the chessboard sold his creation to the king, he asked for a single grain of wheat for the first square. Two for the second. Four for the third. Doubling the amount each time. How many grains of wheat was the inventor asking for?" the man asked.

Otacon tries to think about what he learned in college. He was set at an unease state after the first bomb went off. The wheat and the chessboard. Otacon turns the input off.

"It's the Wheat and Chessboard problem. It's 2 to the 64th minus one," Otacon said. "It's a simple question with exponents and addition."

Meanwhile under the bridge, Jared reaches to one of the cell phones and finds the name "He's using Vera Cell."

Back in the truck, one of the FBI agents made sure the input mic was off before he ordered to shut down every Vera Cell tower.

"I would give you more time Otacon," the man said coughing more. "After all, everyone deserves more time. Not like that Snake friend of yours."

Otacon, Eppes, and Susan were struck. It was clear he was referring to Solid Snake. But he spoke no more coughing some more as if he were sick.

"Alright, I think I got it," Otacon said as he presses the input. "Eighteen Quintillion, Four Hundred Forty-Six Quadrillion, Seven Hundred Forty-Four Trillion, Seventy-Three Billion, Seven Hundred and Nine Million, Five Hundred and Fifty-one Thousand, Six Hundred and Fifteen."


The man shakes his head. "No. I'm sorry, but that's not correct."

"Yes it is," Otacon snapped back.

"Oh come on!" Eppes groaned as he goes to the back to grab his shotgun.

"Why don't you tell me what the answer is," Otacon insisted. "It's simple math that even a high schooler could learn."

"I gave you the time you need," the man said.

He presses the call button. But no bomb went off. The phone had no service.

"FBI! GET DOWN ON THE GROUND!" Eppes shouts as he and a few other FBI agents gun point the man.

The man starts to run gasping as he runs towards one of the bombs.

"WHEN YOU FIND CAESAR'S LIST!" the man shouts. "TRUST IT!"

The man grabs onto one of the cell phones and presses the button.

"NO!" Eppes screamed as he shoots a bullet through the man's shoulder.

The man falls back as the cell phone explodes and he gets engulfed into the explosion.

Tim Lemmens:

Ash: C'mon, Jon, pick up your phone.
Dawn: Maybe he isn't in the central universe at the moment.
Ash: Even then he would answer. He has a mobile phone.
Iris: A what?!
Ash: Right, I forgot that you haven't been in the real world yet. That's a phone that people carry around to be contacted from everywhere in the world.
Cilan: Like a Pokégear?
Ash: Precisely.
May: When were you in the real world?
Ash: A year ago, when Snake was mistaken for Liquid and was arrested by the FBI because they thought he was a rapist. Me, Otacon and Luigi tried to convince the FBI he was innocent. That's where we met Eppes.
May: I see.
Ash: I wish that Jon would pick up his phone, for Arcues' sake.

(Robin is not sure if he wants to continuing to do this. Maybe he is going to quit.)


As he was busy working on the machine, Jon forgot that his phone was ringing at the time and quickly picked it up.

"Hi, Ash?... How did you get this number? I only remember giving it to Mario and Luigi." Jon asked.

"Yeah they gave me your number just in case." Ash replied.

"Fair enough. What do you want?" Jon asked, curiously


[Well this is the last chapter, so it shouldn't be too much of a big deal. But if that's the decision he's going to make, that's fine with me. It was great having him and we'll miss him for sure. After all, not all of us will be continuing on with this down the road.]

Otacon grabs a triple berry smoothie to drink hoping it can relieve his stress. He goes into the office kitchen trying to figure out how the man on the bridge knew him.

"Are you alright Otacon?" Eppes asked.

"He lied to me," Otacon said. "The wheat and chessboard problem. I got it right."

"Oh come on, you did what you had to do," Eppes said. "The bridge is still standing and at least no one got hurt. Well - except for him of course."

Susan comes into the kitchen after she went to the hospital. "The man's name is Rowan Cross. He worked for the British Intelligence according to our files. He's still alive, but the Doctors don't think he'll make it out without agonizing pain."

"After that explosion and my fire, I wouldn't deny that," Eppes said.

"Well what the heck is it that the guy wants?" Susan wondered. "I mean besides having a suicide attempt, I just don't see what the point or demand was."

"Well he did make one demand," Otacon said. "To talk to us."

Dylan and Jared go to Rowan Cross' apartment to find any evidence of his decision to set bombs on the bridge.

"You know, sometimes you wonder what these people have been through as kids," Dylan commented while looking at a black and white picture of Rowan's high school graduation.

"Apparently this guy did service in the Afghanistan and Korean war," Jared said looking at the photos and documents of his time served in war. "He was a cryptographer."

Dylan walks into the living room looking for any evidence. He looks at the smoke alarm seeing that it was crooked. As Dylan checks the smoke alarm, Jared goes into the dining room. Jared finds the nail to one light switch not completely screwed in.

"I think I found a bug," Dylan called out as he takes the bug out of the smoke alarm. But that was not a weird part. "It's one of ours!"

"This one isn't," Jared said after finding another bug in the light switch.

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Page 3:


*Sonic and Shadow arrived at the hospital. They watched as the para-medics and the council member gets Eric from the ambulance to inside the hospital. A doctor came out and talked to the council member.*
Doctor: Are you sure this procedure will work?
Council member 2: Of course. As long as his lungs and heart are still functioning, he will live. It will only be a few hours to do and about three days for him to reawaken.
*The doctor and council member enters the hospital.*
Sonic: Three days from now.
Shadow: We should use Chaos Control to go to that time and find his room.
Sonic: We can hang on the windows to do so. Let's go.
*Sonic and Shadow used Chaos Control to travel three days later. Once they arrived, they ran all around the hospital to find Eric's room.*
Shadow: Found it.
*Sonic hurries over to Shadow. In the room was Eric hooked up to a machine in bed. Across from him was a suit of armor made from pipes.*
Sonic: Woah. That suit looks like Pipeazoid's body when we first met him.
*A man enters the room as Eric wakes up.*
Eric: Azurith. What happened? I can't feel my arms and legs.
Azurith: You were in an explosion. Your body was serverly crushed beyond healing. We had to operate. What happened exactly?
Eric: We were working on the project and the portal exploded. I don't know what went wrong.
Azurith: I see.
Eric: Get me a mirror. I want you to show me what I look like.
Azurith: Of course.
*Azurith walks over and showed Eric the mirror. Eric was shocked to see that he was nothing more than a head attached to a machine.*
Eric: What have you done?!
Azurith: As I have said, your body was serverly crushed. The only thing that really survived was your head, heart, and lungs. We moved your heart and lungs into your head. That machine is providing nourishment to keep your heart going.
Eric: Please tell me Alice have not seen me like this.
Azurith: Well, you have been out for three days, but I am sad to say that you were the only survivor.
Eric: What?
Azurith: Everyone that we dug out was dead. But Alice's body was never found. I fear she was blown up to nothing.
Eric: Oh God. She was the one testing the portal when it exploded.
*Eric starts crying, knowing he lived and his loved one died.*
Azurith: I am afraid that I have to agree with the other council members. You are a failure. Nothing you do can be any good. It was your fault things got this bad.
*Azurith cracks his fingers. Eric face changed from sadness to anger as a dark aura appears around him.*
Eric: What?! You dare pin this on me! It was you thirteen that caused this. The council is the cause for this.
*Materials starts appearing out of nowhere and flew into the armor. Out of the arms formed mechanical hands. The machine that is providing nourishment for Eric also went in. Eric then started to float and lands on the newly made robotic body.*
Azurith: Eric, calm down.
Eric: I am no longer Eric Bright. From this day forth, I am...
Dr. Pipeazoid: Dr. Pipeazoid.
*Pipeazoid changes his right hand into a blaster and fired at Azurith. The blast ripped half of Azurith's left arm off.*
Azurith: Augh!
Dr. Pipeazoid: Your lucky that I have to learn how to get used to this new body of mine. You can give the word of my rising.
*Dr. Pipeazoid leaves the room.*

Tim Lemmens:

Ash: Well, I...
Jon: Yes?
Ash: *thinks.* If I tell the truth, Jon will probably tell me that I don't have to be so curious. I don't like doing this, but I'll have to lie.
Jon: Ash, are you still there?
Ash: Yes, I want to go to Yen Sid's tower.
Jon: In the Kingdom Hearts universe? Why?
Ash: Mario told me to check on Sora and the gang to see if they're alright. Just, in case we need them.
Jon: I see. And now you want to know how you can go to the Kingdom Hearts universe?
Ash: Precisely. Is there a portal in my world or do I have to go to another world?

(Thanks, Austin. I still keep him up to date about the story and he will still think of things I can do, but he'll not be writing anymore.)


"I think there is. I'll take a look for any portals there and I'll come to you." Jon replied.

"Thanks Jon." Ash replied

"No problem. See you soon." Jon stated back as he hanged up.

Jon then searched for portals to the Kingdom Hearts world in the Pokemon world and managed to find one.

"So what now?" Hayley asked.

"I'm helping Ash go to the Kingdom Hearts world by getting him there myself. Wanna come along?" Jon asked.

"Alright it would be fun to do something with Ash." Alex replied happily.

"Same it would be cool to check out the Kingdom Hearts world too." Hayley replied.

"Eh I was never really interested in Kingdom Hearts but I need to do what I got to do." Jon replied as he, Hayley and Alex go to the Pokemon world to meet with Ash.

After a bit of searching they eventually find Ash.


(Yeah, I hate that Robin is leaving, but it is his choice and I highly respect that. I just want to know, is he going to finish his Rob plot, or it is just going to be a permanent cliff hanger. Nobody can sleep that long, unless they are dead. Lol.)
*Azurith gets up and walks towards the door.*
Azurith: I can't believe he attacked me! He is perfect. He will lead me to the one that brings the Zuel Blade. All I had to do was switch two wires and his invention ruins his life. At least he hit my left arm, I'm a righty. I will most likely die from blood lost before telling anyone of those fools about his betrayal. I guess it is time to leave this world and find a new body to possess.
*Azurith disappears. Sonic and Shadow looks at each other.*
Sonic: He set him up. Pipeazoid's invention would have worked fine.
Shadow: Yes. Sabotaging and saying the right things caused Eric to fall to his own anger.
Sonic: But Pipeazoid never killed Xaria, Dr. Math, and Azurith. Some part of the real him must have something to do with it.
Shadow: He is trapped in his own mind, not able to control his own actions.
???: That is the power of Azurith's manipulation.
*Sonic and Shadow looks behind them to see the Grim Reaper.*
Sonic: Wow. The bag of bones is a long living being of death.
Grim: And you two aren't suppose to be here at this time in this world. What are you doing?
Shadow: Finding out about Azurith.
Grim: Ah. The spirit of the dead man. I have been chasing him for fifty years. Everytime he possess someone, I lose track of him until the body he possess is about to die. Now with what he has done, I am going to reap a lot of souls.
Sonic: Well, we will go back to our time and head home. Good luck on whatever it is you do.
Shadow: Really? He is death itself.
Sonic: I know that. I am just saying whatever he is going to do for the reaping.
Grim: Remember, fear not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.
*The Grim Reaper disappear in a cloud of smoke.*
Sonic: He gives me the creeps.
Shadow: He seems alright to me.
Sonic: Yeah, that is because you can't die.
Shadow: Let's just go back to the present.
Sonic: Right.
*Sonic and Shadow used Chaos Control to return to the present. Meanwhile, in Station Square, Amy was carrying groceries to her home.*
Amy: I wonder what Sonic is doing. Ever since that wierd guy came to me and telling me Sonic would die got me worried. I guess I should have went to find him, but I know Sonic won't die no matter what happens.
???: I don't think so.
*Amy turns around to see Pipeazoid right behind her. Amy drops her groceries and takes her hammer out. She starts to swing it at him, only for him to grab it and take it away from her.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Now we don't need any of that now.
Amy: Stay away from me. I have another means of fighting you.
*Amy summons her Soul Blade and starts swinging it, only for it to disappears before making contact.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: You must not have used that a lot. You should have known that the Soul Blade can't attack things that fully exist unless they wield one as well.
*Dr. Pipeazoid grabs Amy and opens a portal back to his base with Amy screaming for help.*

Tim Lemmens:

Jon: Here we are, Ash.
Hayley: You don't mind we're coming with you, right?
Ash: N-No. Definitly not. But that reminds me, I have to tell something private to Cilan and Gary.
Gary & Cilan: Huh?
Ash: Come, guys.

Ash pulls the three of them in a small bedroom where trainers can sleep. The room was empty. There was only a Chansey, who was making up the bed, but didn't seem to care that they were in the room.

Gary: What's this now, Ash?
Ash: Jon, Hayley and Alex are coming with us. If they find out what I'm really up to, then they'll be not pleased. That's why I want you two to send them another place in the Kingdom Hearts world.
Cilan: Like where?
Ash: I don't know. Make something up.
Gary: Okay.

The three leave the room again and Gary walks up to Jon.

Gary: Hey, Jon. Ash just told me and Cilan that we actually need to go to two different places in the Kingdom Hearts world. He already told you about the tower, but there is also trouble in another world.
Cilan: Yeah. There is.
Gary: He would like it if me and Cilan, along with you three go check if there isn't any danger in Winnie the Pooh's world.
Cilan: Yeah. Precisely.
Gary: That is, if you three don't mind doing that.


"Yeah I don't mind" Jon replied as he, Hayley, Alex, Gary and Cilan left Ash to go Winnie the Pooh's world.

"Funny, I would never expect Pooh Bear's world to have anything wrong." Alex remarked laughing at himself.

The five arrive by Winnie the Pooh's world and inspect it as Hayley asks "So what are we looking for?"

Tim Lemmens:

Gary: Well, I don't know exactly. But Pooh might know.
Cilan: Yeah. He might.
Gary: Let's go find his house.
Cilan: Yeah. Let's go.

Meanwhile, Ash and the rest of the gang arrive at Yen Sid's tower.

Ash: Come, guys. Let's go inside and find Yen Sid to ask him what we want to know.
May: Ash, I find this a little bit unfair.
Ash: How so?
Iris: I think May is trying to say that you shouldn't do these kind of things.
Dawn: Yeah. Shadow's mission might be way more dangerous than we might think.
Ash: Could be. But he was in MY world so he owes me an explanation. Come. Let's go inside now.

The girls and Max follow Ash and Pikachu inside the tower and up the staircase.

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(I would have made a post before Tim's last one, but my power went out, so I had no Internet until now. By the way, where is Nitsua?)
*Sonic and Shadow arrives back at the present time.*
Sonic: Back to the ruins we know.
Shadow: Who knew that all of this was caused by one evil man's handy work.
Sonic: So let's see if we got what we need from our trip.
Shadow: So, Azurith can send his spirit from one body to another, but the old body will disappear from existence.
Sonic: Thus making him live forever. He is after something called the Zuel Blade which I saw first hand at how powerful it is.
Shadow: He becomes a council member during Pipeazoid's time as his real self.
Sonic: Manipulating Xaria into starting a war. Then sabotage Pipeazoid's portal experiment to manipulate him into the villain we all know.
Shadow: And Azurith's goal is to still get the Zuel Blade.
Sonic: So who would be able to create that weapon?
Shadow: One of the three of us.
Sonic: Three of us?
Shadow: You, me, and Amy. And I know he already narrowed it down to two.
Sonic: Who did he remove?
Shadow: Me. He said that he thought I would be the one, but all it did was turn me into Pipeazoid.
Sonic: So that leaves me and Amy.
Shadow: And you heard what he said. Pipeazoid would be the one to lead him to the one that can create it.
Sonic: Wait a minute.
*Sonic has a flash back to the moment Suezy returned to her time.*
Suezy: He will use Amy to kill you after his plans fails.
*Flashback ends.*
Sonic: Amy is the one.
Shadow: How do you know?
Sonic: You weren't around when this happened, but we had some visitors from the future. One of them told me that once Pipeazoid's plan failed, he would use Amy to kill me. What if it is her that he is after?
Shadow: He thought one of darkness converts into light would create it. Then he would try to turn one of light into darkness to get the Zuel Blade. Use the same method of losing someone dear to the person to get what he wants.
Sonic: The same way he made Eric Bright into Dr. Pipeazoid. It wasn't the failures that made him lose it, it was the lost of his love.
Shadow: And Amy is really in love with you. You might be on it. Call her and tell her we are going to stay with her.
Sonic: I wish you didn't put it that way, but it is best we stay close to her.
*Sonic gets his phone out and calls Amy. It rings for a bit until someone answers it.*
???: Hello, Sonic The Hedgehog.
Sonic: No.


[Sorry for the absence. I've been busy, and filling out applications for college and a job. I finally caught up on reading, and I got to say, I really like the suspense intention of something that has already happened and how it keeps on building up to make Xaria and Dr. Pipeazoid look more of the victims than the villains. I also geeked at the fact the trainers use Winnie the Pooh's world as an excuse. In my opinion, Winnie the Pooh has probably one of the great Disney characters ever. I liked it as a kid and after watching the 1977 movie again, it's actually a lot better than I remember it. People should be ashamed for calling it a toddler show, because it's more adult than people realize, especially with the climax of the 1977 movie. At first I was like, "you can't do movies!" Then I remember this is the Kingdom Hearts adaption of it.]

Mario wakes up in the Green Room seeing that the table where the food was is cleared. Luigi was on the opposite end of the room sound asleep. Mario wondered when the heck the angels would come to him, and once he turned his head, he saw Gabriel right next to him.

"It's time Mario," Gabriel said quietly enough to make sure Luigi doesn't wake up. "We hope you are ready."

Gabriel touches Mario on the shoulder and they disappear from the room.

A few hours later, Luigi finally wakes up and tries to find Mario.

"Mario?" Luigi yawned looking around for him.

"He's gone for now," Raphael replied appearing behind Luigi.

"Where is he?" Luigi asked worried. He still doesn't trust the angels after Raphael went on an ambush in the parallel universe to get to them.

"You two are a part of the prophecy for a separate purpose," Raphael said. "You two need to be separated for now, until we can prepare you both for your purpose."

"How does our purpose differ?" Luigi asked. "Why do you need us separated."

"Because those are our orders," Raphael replied. "Just have faith and trust us."

Luigi wanted to snap back bringing up the whole thing from the parallel universe, but if it's only going to make things worse, Luigi kept his mouth shut. Raphael disappears from Luigi's sight. Luigi turned from the doors to the table to see it had new food presented just for him.

"I seriously hope you angels know what you are doing," Luigi murmured as he grabs some green grapes from the plate.

Eppes and Susan go to see a consultant of the British Intelligence who arrived by plane to look into the case of Rowan Cross. The consultant's name is Callum Marin.

"It's so hard to believe Cross would do such a tragic thing," Marin said as he brought Eppes and Susan to the Board Room. "He and I used to work as partners to prevent further terrorist attacks. Ever since the events of 9/11, who knows how many countries have been inspired by the idea that they can threaten America and even our country."

"So you said Rowan Cross worked with the British Intelligence right?" Eppes said. "What exactly did he do?"

"He was our cryptographer," Marin answered. "Working with his mathematics and cryptography, he's saved many lives because of it. But after 2007 during the war in Afghanistan, he went awol on us and came back as a drunk. Since then, he was terminated and afterwards, he was fired. The guy is brilliant, but for him to take down an entire bridge, that comes as a shock to me."

"Us too," Susan agreed.

"Before he got himself in that explosion, he mentioned something about Caesar's List," Eppes said. "Do you know what that's about?"

"Caesar's List," Marin smirked. "It's nothing more than a fictional story told among the army. It's a spy fiction. A list of double agents and traitors working for the Chinese Terrorists."

"Julius Caesar's role was to dictate the events that led to the demise of the Roman Republic and the rise of the Roman Empire," Susan quoted after researching Caesar's name. "Why is it specifically called that?"

"It's a fictional list," Marin reassured. "It doesn't exist. I wasn't the one who made up the name."

"So why do you think Rowan Cross decide to blow up the bridge?" Eppes asked.

"I don't know," Marin shrugged. "The guy was serving the British Intelligence since the Korean War, he deserved much better than what he got." Marin looks between the two struggling to figure out about Rowan Cross' intentions. "Do you know what they give people who get killed in our line of duty? Nothing more than an anonymous blank star on a wall. Rowan Cross was an old man who achieved many great things serving his country. My guess is whatever he couldn't achieve in life, he could pretend to have it in death."

[I've finally updated the first post for the chapter selection.]

Tim Lemmens:

(I'm glad you like my idea, Austin. I just think Pooh is one of the best Disney movies ever. I've read one A.A. Milne's books - that's the guy who originially created Pooh - but I think Disney's version is way better. I'm also a big fan of Jim Cummings, the man who provides the voice for Pooh & Tigger as well as Pete and loads of other Disney characters.)

Gary and his group arrived at a big tree with a door. On the door there was a name written: Sanders. Gary knocked on the door. There was no answer.

Gary: Pooh? Pooh?!
Jon: Isn't he home?
Gary: No, he isn't. And that isn't surprising, 'cause if he is in trouble he wouldn't be home, right.
Cilan: Yeah. He wouldn't be home.

Jon looked at Hayley and Alex and they shared the same toughts. These two were acting strange. Suddenly, they heard a sound behind in the bushes.

Jon: What was that?
Gary: Who's there?

Before anyone expected it, Tigger jumped out of the bushes and onto Jon.

Tigger: Hello. I'm Tigger. T-I-double G-er. That spells Tigger. And who are you guys?

Meanwhile, Ash and his group had arrived at the top of the tower and entered Yen Sid's room.

Yen Sid: Who are you? And what are you doing here?
Mickey: It's Ash. From the Pokémon world. And his friends.
Yen Sid: What do you want, Ash?
Ash: I want information about Shadow.


"Tigger!!" Alex exclaimed as if he was a child again as Jon got away from Tigger.

"Hi Tigger, I'm Jon, and this is Alex, Hayley, Gary and Cilan." Jon replied, smiling happily.

"Do you know where Pooh is?" Hayley asks.


Otacon goes over to the university where he learned the math from, after getting a reply back after months when he applied for a job to teach mathematics. They accepted him and now want to see if he can be a professor. Otacon steps into the office where he meets another math professor who teaches different and more advanced type of mathematics, compared to the one Otacon is applying for which is calculus.

"Hello Mr. Emmerich," the Professor greeted. "My name is Marshall Novich. You probably have heard of me."

"Yes I have, you are the professor for the Differential Equations and Calculus III," Otacon replied.

"Indeed I am!" Professor Novich smiled. "I've been doing the job for five years now. And we are so honored to have you in our university."

"Well when I heard my professor here was going to retire, I figured I could possibly get a job here," Otacon said.

"So what kind of things did you used to do before?" Professor Novich asked.

"Well, I used to work a little bit for the government believe it or not," Otacon replied trying to be vague on the details with helping Solid Snake.

"Really!" Professor Novich said in surprise.

"Yeah," Otacon said. "But afterwards, it got overwhelming for me. So I slowed down and left to live a simple life. Meet with friends. Mix Diet Coke and Mentos together. Pretty soon, I was helping some of their problems with mathematics, and later on I became a consultant for the FBI for a while now."

"So not only do you solve mathematical problems, but you've saved lives because of it? That's wonderful! I hate crime," Professor Novich grinned. "I myself am a mormon. I used to go to church all the time as a kid, but have really grown into mathematics and here I am now. I'm one to believe that religion and science are both right and have a balance between each other."

"I agree," Otacon said knowing some forms of religions have got to be right if angels do exist, since Raphael saved Luigi.

"Anyway, I'll show you your new office," Professor Novich said guiding Otacon downstairs.

Eppes and Susan return to the office, as Eppes goes to see how Jared and Dylan are doing.

"So you guys got something?" Eppes inquired.

"We found two bugs in Rowan Cross' apartment," Jared replied holding up the one that wasn't theirs. "Someone else have been listening in to Rowan flushing his toilet. This bug belongs to the CounterIntelligence."

"And the other?" Eppes asked looking at the other bug.

"One of ours," Dylan replied. "Apparently it has been there for one and half years now. But we have no idea how it got there."

"There's got to be a reason it's there," Susan said. "I mean I don't know about you guys, but I don't think there's a crime we need to solve here."

"I kind of have to agree with Susan on this one," Jared seconded.

"Well that's my choice to make," Eppes said. "There's something more to this, and I intend to find out."

Susan nods as she heads straight to her desk.

Otacon sits down at his new desk as he watches the footage of his talk with Rowan Cross on the bridge.

Rowan Cross: Now here's how this works Otacon. I'll be asking you some questions and it gets harder as we go. Each time you answer a question correctly, I'll throw away a phone. Fail to answer one correctly, and I'll detonate a bomb. Two machines produce a widget. The first machine produces 70% of them. The second machine produces 30%. The first machine has a defect rate of 15%, while the second machine has a defect rate of 5%. If you have a defect, what is the probability that it came from the first machine?"

Professor Novich comes in as he quietly looks at Otacon watching the footage from the bridge.

"So this is what happened on the Tower Bridge this morning?" Professor Novich asked.

"You're not supposed to be looking at this," Otacon replied.

"Well then I'm pretty sure the FBI doesn't want you to leave it around for anybody to see," Professor Novich said.

"It's just this man was asking me mathematical questions and every time I get a question wrong, he sets off a bomb," Otacon said knowing he's giving away what he shouldn't give away. But he trusts the guy if he was a mormon who hated crime. "Every time I answered a question right, he throws away a phone that connects to the bombs."

"Jesus," Professor Novich said apparently swearing Jesus' name, despite him being a mormon. "Talk about someone who takes math way too seriously."

Rowan Cross on the recording: Francis Bacon posited five obstructions to the scientific method.

Otacon: The Idols of the Mind. The theater -

"You know a lot people think Francis Bacon was actually the original William Shakespeare," Professor Novich said. "That he had hidden codes that revealed him to be the true author of the plays. Supposedly there was even an inscription on a bust of Shakespeare that used a code of letter-shapes."

"Right, the Bacon Cipher," Otacon said remembering those were the exact ciphers Cole Buck used to help him and his friends in the Mushroom Kingdom to find the Bloodless List. But then he paused to realize Rowan Cross was a cryptographer for the British Intelligence. "Wait a minute! The Bacon Cipher! That's it!"

Otacon goes storming out of the office, leaving Professor Novich confused.

Tim Lemmens:

Back in Pooh's world...

Tigger: Pooh, you say? Well, I haven't seen him, but if he isn't here, he could probably be at Piglet's house or Rabbit's.
Jon: How about yours?
Tigger: Nah. I just left my house. I would've passed him on the way, wouldn't I?
Jon: I see. Well, thanks, Tigger.

Jon holds out his hand and Tigger shakes it. Then the gang walks off to find Pooh.

Tigger: Hmm. Strange fellows, if you ask me.

Back in Yen Sid's tower...

Yen Sid: Why do you want to know about Shadow's whereabouts, Ash?
Ash: Because he was in my world. And I would like to know why he was there?
Yen Sid: Maybe he was just saying hello to a friend of his that lived there.
Ash: That's what he tried to tell me, but I figured out the truth. He's looking for Azurith, isn't he?

Both Yen Sid and Mickey looked at Ash in surprise.

Yen Sid: How do you know this?
Ash: A friend of mine told me.
Dawn: So, who is Azurith?
Yen Sid: I'm afraid that is something that is irrelevant to you. To all of you. This only matters for Sonic and Shadow.
Max: So, Sonic is involved in this as well?
Yen Sid: Like I said, it is irrelevant.
Ash: Listen to my, old man, if Shadow is looking for Azurith in my world, then that means that we might be in danger.
May: Oh dear.
Ash: And if there is danger, I want to make sure that nobody gets into trouble. But if nobody tells me about the danger, then I can't help people to stay out of it. So, it's up to you, Yen Sid, or you tell me who this Azurith guy is and what Shadow and Sonic have to do with it or I let my Pokémon destroy this place.
Dawn: *whispers to May, Iris and Max.* This is not good.
Iris: *whispers.* You're telling me.


Sonic: Dr. Pipeazoid, what have you done to Amy?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: She is fine for now. I was hoping you call her. Now here is how this will work, you come alone and face me one-on-one at my place. If you do not come within a hour or bring someone with you to fight me, she dies.
Sonic: That is not fare. I don't know where you are.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Go to the portal you used to get to my old world and enter the code 999. Unlike Dr. Math, I won't fool around with Mathematics. I will be waiting at the very top of the center tower. See you soon, hedgehog.
*The line goes dead as Sonic turns his phone off.*
Sonic: He has her.
Shadow: Then let's go.
Sonic: I have to go alone. He will kill her if anyone else comes with me to fight him.
Shadow: You handle him. I have a feeling that Azurith is there. I am going to find him.
Sonic: I guess I'll need the Chaos Emeralds.
*Sonic and Shadow heads off to prepare for the battle ahead.*
Sonic: Wait at that portal. I will be there in a few.
Shadow: Got it.


The group arrive by Piglet's house as Alex knocks on the door.

"This is exciting, seeing your childhood come to life in a way." Alex commented as the door opened to reveal Piglet.

"Oh um who would you all be?" Piglet asked shyly.

"Oh hi I'm Alex and this is Jon, Hayley, Cilan and Gary. We were checking around here and I wanted to ask if you've seen Pooh anywhere?" Alex asked, still excited on the inside.

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Page 4:

Tim Lemmens:

Piglet: Pooh? I've seen him this morning. He said he wanted to see Rabbit.
Gary: Right. Okay. Thanks.

Gary closes Piglet's door again.

Piglet: But...

Gary looks at the others.

Gary: C'mon. Let's go find Rabbit and ask what Pooh's problem is.
Cilan: Yeah. Let's go do that.

The gang runs off to find Rabbit. Back in Yen Sid's tower.

Ash: So, what will it be? Will you tell me or must I break everything?
Yen Sid: I have nothing to tell you!
Ash: Okay, then. Then I will...

But before Ash was able to finish his sentence, Yen Sid waved his arm and Ash the gang ended up in a dark place.

Ash: Where are we?
Yen Sid's voice: I've sent you to the middle of nowhere. You will remain there until Sonic and Shadow have finished their mission. They will come and free you.


*At Dr. Pipeazoid's fortress, Mario arrives outside of the place.*
Mario: Is this Castle Death? What has he done?! The village and the actual castle is gone!
*The twilight sky was still the same, but the village and castle was replaced with a mechanical fortress with a lot of towers. Mario looks around to see that he was the only one there.*
Mario: I guess Gabriel leaves me to do the fight alone. Very well. It is time I kill Pipeazoid once and for all. But where would I find him in this place?
*Mario heads off to find Pipeazoid. Meanwhile, at the top of the center tower, Pipeazoid tied Amy to a pole, leaving her left arm free, unable to reach the knot.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Today is the day that you will be a part of the greatest moment in history. The day I kill Sonic The Hedgehog.
Amy: Sonic will not lose to you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Not when I put my plan into action. You will be the very thing that will bring him down, then bring me the ultimate weapon that will undo all of my past failures.
Amy: What are you talking about?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: You will bring everything to me.
*Pipeazoid walks away from Amy and heads to the edge of the tower. He noticed something in the distance.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Metuid 85915, come here and form a telescope.
*A Metuid comes and changed into a telescope. Pipeazoid looks through it and saw Mario. He looks around for Sonic.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: How did that weakling plumber get here without that hedgehog? Does he think he can fight me?
Amy: Mario and Luigi are here.
Dr. Pipeazoid: No, just the red one. He will never get here. This fortress is made with a defensive mechanism for those I don't want here.
*As Mario continues to make his way through, the walls and floors starts shifting.*
Mario: What the world?! Is he making a maze?! This is going to be harder than I thought.

Tim Lemmens:

In Pooh's world, Gary and the gang arrive at a crossroad.

Gary: Oh, great. What way do we go now?
Cilan: Yeah. What way do we go?
Jon: Can't we ask a local?
Alex: Well, who would live at a crossroad in the woods?
???: Not that it matters to any of you, but I do.
Alex: That slow and deep voice. That's Eeyore.
Eeyore: Thanks for noticing me.
Gary: Uh, do you know where we can find Rabbit's house.
Eeyore: Just follow the right way until the end.
Gary: Okay. Come, guys.

The gang leaves.

Eeyore: No thank you, it seems. Was to be expected.

Back in the middle of nowhere.

Ash: You can't do this to me, Yen Sid. Let us out of here.
May: Now, you've searched it yourself, Ash. You shouldn't have told him that you were going to ruin his room.
Ash: Shut up! Doesn't he understand that I don't want to put my citizens in danger?
Iris: They're not YOUR citizens, Ash. You don't own the Pokémon world.
Ash: Right. That's Arceus' job. But you know what I mean. Except us, no one is aware of this danger.
Dawn: Maybe it's just better this way.
Ash: I'm sorry. I just wanted to be part of the action. Help Shadow safe the world.
???: I can release you from this nothingness and let you be the hero.
Ash: Who is there?

Maleficent walks out of the shadows.

Ash: Maleficent!


The group arrive by Rabbit's house as Jon comments "I told we should've said thank you to Eeyore. Now he's still going to be down."

"But he's always down and depressed." Hayley commented.

"Well it's the thought that matters." Jon replies as Rabbit opens the door.

"Hello Rabbit, is Pooh there?" Alex asked him nicely.


[You get the personalities and the dialogue of the Winnie the Pooh characters spot on! Also I think I may have an idea on where you might be leading the plot with Ash, and if it's the moral I'm thinking of, it would be an excellent one to portray!]

Otacon goes to the hospital where Rowan Cross is, being kept alive for further questioning. The room was guarded by two security guards. To the left coming through the doors was a glass window that's bulletproof so no one can kill the patient or the patient cannot escape. There was a voice transmitter on the glass to communicate to the patient from the outside. Otacon presses the button and hopes his hunch is not incorrect.

"I'm not sure if you can hear me," Otacon said. "You know I got that question correct. The wheat and chessboard problem. Francis Bacon. You were trying to tell me something. You were talking in code. What is it that you were trying to tell us Rowan?"

Rowan opened his burned eye lids clarifying he heard what Otacon said. Suddenly, code blue was set off as the doctors rush in to find the problem. The doctors check for every problem. The FiO2 was at normal on the ventilator and lungs were clear. The doctors were confused as one of them orders a chest X-ray. Otacon tries to figure out what is going on until he notices the oxygen saturation levels were cycling through a series of numbers. He looks down at the pulse oximeter on Rowan's finger to see he was tapping out those numbers.

"Who's got a pen?" Otacon requested. "Anyone got a pen?"

Otacon finds a white felt marker and decided to just write down the numbers on the window. Rowan takes notice of Otacon as he cycles down to 21. Otacon writes it down, and the SpO2 level drops down to 3. And so Otacon continues to write the numbers down until Rowan stops.

21, 3, 0, 9, 3, 7, 60, 4, 8, 9, 4, 5, 0, 22, 29, 0

Eppes later arrives at the hospital after getting a call from Otacon.

"Hey Eppes!" Otacon said.

Eppes notices that Otacon wrote on the window. "Whoa, Otacon! Are you kidding me? You're going to get charged for this."

"Just listen!" Otacon interrupted. "See how the oxygen saturation levels keeps on cycling through those numbers? His finger is tapping out those numbers. He is basing this message on code, which is why he brought up the one on Francis Bacon. The Bacon Cipher."

"Wait a minute," Eppes said. "The British Intelligence said he was working for them as a cryptologist. I mean it's unbelievable that he's able to talk to you through all of this!"

"But the problem is there's millions of codes he could have used. I'll might not be able to figure out which one he used, let alone if I even know it," Otacon moaned trying to think of the possible ciphers.

"What about the one you got wrong?" Eppes suggested. "The one on the bridge."

"I didn't get it wrong, I got it right," Otacon corrected.

"Right, but maybe there was a reason he was lying," Eppes said. "Maybe each of those questions he asked has something to do with code."

Otacon thinks about it as he was thinking of the questions he was asked. He thought about the wheat and chessboard problem. But it came to his mind that what if the chessboard was used as a checkerboard.

"You know the Russians used this substitution code called a straddling checkerboard," Otacon said as he draws out a checkerboard. Eppes murmurs to him not to write on the window, but Otacon was already firing away drawing ten squares across and four down. "It's where the letters of a message are replaced with digits. And we start with the highest frequency letters first."


21, 3, 0, 9, 3, 7, 60, 4, 8, 9, 4, 5, 0, 22, 29, 0

[See if you can figure the code out. This is a real code that originated from the Russians.]


(I got it. Caesar poisoned me. Now who is this Caesar?)

*Shadow arrives at the portal to wait for Sonic. A few minutes later, Sonic arrives.*
Shadow: You took your time.
Sonic: Just grabbed the rest of the Chaos Emeralds I had.
*Shadow counted them.*
Shadow: You only got five? Where's the last one?!
Sonic: Eggman has it, and without knowing where he is, I can't get it to use all of them to turn super.
Shadow: So you just going to use Chaos Control for the fight.
Sonic: That is the plan.
Shadow: Very well. Let's get going.
*Sonic enters the code to activate the portal. The portal opens up. Sonic and Shadow went through the portal.*
Sonic: *while looking up* I recognize the sky.
Shadow: *looks up* Yes. I remember seeing it before as well.
Sonic: This means one thing. We are back at Castle Death.
Shadow: But from the looks of it, someone has been busy.
Sonic: Most likely this is where Pipeazoid has been hiding the whole time. And Amy is somewhere here with him.
Shadow: And Azurith is as well. This is going to be it.
Sonic: The final battle against these guys.
Shadow: Yes. Let's split up.
Sonic: From what I can tell, the center tower is where I will find Pipeazoid and Amy.
Shadow: The princess locked in the tallest tower idea.
Sonic: Yeah. Wish you didn't put it that way.
Shadow: You do that while I search for Azurith.
*Sonic and Shadow heads off in two different directions.*


Eppes watches Otacon figure out the code as Otacon writes down the message.


Otacon and Eppes knew there was something more to this case. Even if Rowan Cross could survive from the incident on the bridge, what if some sort of poison was killing him off? They couldn't communicate with him anymore as he was passed out, and life support was the only thing keeping him alive for now. Rowan Cross is dying and the only clue to who Caesar could be may not be a person, but the name of the list Rowan shouted about on the bridge before getting engulfed in the explosion.

Over thirteen hours have passed since they've found out Rowan Cross has been poisoned.

"So according to the doctors he has thallium in his bloodstream," Eppes said as he and Susan enter the office.

"It must have been put in his drink or something," Susan suggested. "I mean Saddam used it against his dissidents. They would have a drink with their guard as they were released, and seven days later, they're dead."

"Which means he knew he was dying before he got on that bridge," Eppes said. "So we got a homicide, not a suicide."

"By the way, thanks for not saying I told you so," Susan said.

"But now the real question is who's Caesar?" Eppes questioned as he and Susan went to separate ends of the office. Eppes enters the room where Dylan and Jared were trying to find out if they can get any information from the bug that the FBI put into Rowan's apartment.

"So according to the NSA, Callum Marin is right," Dylan said. "Whatever this Caesar's List is, the thing doesn't exist."

"But boy was Rowan Cross a Cold War and Afghanistan legend," Jared said. "Double and triple agent. By the time he was cut loose, nobody knew or could trust which side he was playing for."

"And what else?" Eppes inquired.

"The British Intelligence refuses to give us the passcode to the bug they placed in Cross' apartment," Dylan said. "But we got ours running and we found this."

Dylan clicks on the play icon where two men were having a conversation.

"This line isn't clean," Rowan said.

"By the time anyone reads this transcript, it won't matter since I'll be in Beijing," a familiar voice replied. "I want my money."

"Nathaniel Pole!" Eppes answered realizing it was Jared's war buddy on the line.

"The conversation happened about an hour before we busted him trying to leave the country," Dylan said.

"And last I heard, they are keeping him at an army base," Jared said. "So I'll track him down."

"Not alone you're not," Eppes countered.

"What are you kidding me?" Jared snapped. "You still don't trust me?"

"You covered for him!" Eppes said.

"Eppes, that was before I found out he was working for the Chinese, and when I did, I was the one who took him down," Jared said. "When he and I logged some serious time in Afghanistan - the point is, if he's going to open up to anybody, it's going to be me."

"Alright," Eppes replied reluctantly as he looks at Dylan. "Go with him."

Eppes leaves the room leaving Jared surprised he would let him anywhere near Nathaniel, after almost losing his trust. Eppes' therapy must have changed him, and hopefully for the better.

[Not sure if I ever brought this up, but the events from the third chapter with the FBI solving the case of the interpreter's death does tie into this story, mostly because of Jared's friend Nathaniel Pole.]

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Tim Lemmens:

(Thanks for the compliment, Austin.)

Ash: What are you doing here, Maleficent?
Maleficent: Look, Ash. I know you want to be a hero and want to know what Shadow is up to. Well, I shall tell you what he is up to. He and Sonic are looking for a guy named Azurith.
Ash: So far nothing new.
Maleficent: Azurith is the one that needs to be beaten since some of his power is linked with Pipeazoid. Now, Ash, I'm asking you to stop Azurith.
Ash: You mean I can be savior of us all?
Iris: Ash! Don't! It might be a trick.
Ash: Why not. I'll prove the Mario brothers and Sonic and Shadow that I can be important as well.
Maleficent: Good choice, my boy. I will now send you to the room in castle death where Azurith is. And I will also give you these.

Maleficent gives Ash three Pokéballs.

Ash: What are those?
Maleficent: Those Pokéballs contain Arceus, Reshiram and Zekrom. These three Pokémon are so strong they are able to destroy Azurith.
Ash: Awesome!

Then Maleficent waved her wand and Ash ended up at Castle death, at the place where Azurith is.

Ash: Azurith. I will stop you right now!

Back in Pooh's world...

Rabbit: Pooh? Yes, I've seen him. As a matter of fact, he's still here. Eating all my honey.
Alex: I should've tought.
Jon: We need to talk to him, if you don't mind.
Rabbit: I certainly don't mind. The less of my honey that bear eats the better.
Jon: Good.

Back in a dark room...

Pete: And, Maleficent? Did the boy fall for it?
Maleficent: His friends didn't trust the situation, so I didn't send them along. He certainly fell for it.
Pete: Excellent.
Maleficent: Excellent indeed. If Ash kills Azurith instead of Shadow or Sonic then the prophecy will not be fullfilled and if the prophecy isn't succeeded then the heroes of all the different worlds will lose their powers and we, the so called "villains", will rule over them...FOREVER!


Jon arrived inside to see Pooh eating honey.

"Hi there Pooh I'm Jon and these are my friends. We'd like to talk for a short moment." Jon stated.

Pooh then got up with Honey in his hand as he replied "Oh well ok. Just let me finish with the honey." Pooh then licked the remaining honey off his hand.

Jon then looked to Gary asking him "So why exactly do we need to talk to Pooh? You and Cilan bought us here."


(Tim, I don't think the heroes' powers are in danger weither or not Azurith is defeated by Shadow and Sonic. But you did give me a good idea.)

Ash: Alright Azurith, this is the end for you!
*Ash threw the three Pokeballs given to him, only to see balls to pop open and reveal nothing in them.*
Ash: She tricked me! I guess I have to rely on my own Pokemon.
*Then all of a sudden, the dark shadows in the Pokeballs starts moving. The shadows comes out and formed into creatures.*
Ash: Wait. Those are Heartless!
Azurith: I sense a dark presence sent here to kill me.
*Azurith turns around to see the Heartless and Ash. He then reached his hand out, causing the heartless to stop in place. He closed his hand and the Heartless explodes into nothing.*
Ash: How did he do that?!
Azurith: It is funny how the Soul Blade and Keyblade are so close, yet have different functions. But one's soul can't exist without the heart, and vice versa. The soul of the Heartless is as dark as my Darkloids.
*Azurith disappears and reappears at Ash.*
Ash: What the?!
Azurith: And you seem to have a lot of darkness in your soul. Finding out your father was killed by Xaria brought forth a thirst for revenge. And now the Angels have no important purpose for you, filling your soul with jealousy. You want to help because you failed at being successful at becoming the Pokemon Master. Every Pokemon Leage, you fail to become the champ.
Ash: How do you know all that?
Azurith: I am reading your soul like a book. A master in using the Soul Blade can do anything. Including putting a spell to manipulate one's feelings into a permanent rage for all eternity, just like Eric Bright and Xaria.
Ash: Xaria?!
Azurith: Yes. She was my most powerful slave ever. And Eric Bright, or should I say Dr. Pipeazoid, has been very useful. But soon his usefulness will no longer be needed. Once Sonic falls to his dark feelings, I will possess him myself and use his body as my face of pure darkness. But you can't do anything about it now. I will send you back from which you came.
*Azurith snaps his fingers and Ash was sent back to May and the others.*

Tim Lemmens:

Ash appears again in the middle of nowhere.

May: Back already, Ash? Or did you change your mind?
Ash: I think I might stay here. That Azurith guy is scary, man. He just basicly summed up all the terrible things of my life. Maybe apart from Gary winning over me during a few Pokémon battles.
May: Well, I hope you learned your lesson.
Iris: Yeah. Me too.
Ash: I sure did. Now, let's hope that Shadow doesn't forget to save us.

Back in Pooh's world...

Gary: Well, you see, Pooh is.... danger.
Jon: But what kind of danger?
Gary: Terrible danger.
Cilan: Yes, he's getting obssesed with honey.

Gary kicks Cilan.

Cilan: Ow!
Gary: Seriously, is this all you can come up with?
Cilan: Um...Yeah.
Jon: There is no danger here, is there?
Cilan: Well, Uh...
Gary: No, there isn't.


"So then why are we here?" Jon asked, getting slightly mad.

"If I may interject...?" Pooh states.

"Go ahead Pooh bear." Alex replied nicely.

"I am not in danger and my obsession with honey no matter how tasty it is, is not an issue." Pooh explained, still eating honey out of another bowl.

"Well thank you Pooh. So Gary, Cilan? Why are we here? And for that matter, what is Ash doing?" Jon asked.


*Sonic was trying to run through the fortress, but couldn't get far with the floors and walls changing.*
Sonic: Why is the walls and floors changing all the time.
???: Because it is the defense of this place.
*Sonic turns to see Dr. Math.*
Sonic: Dr. Math. What are you doing here.
Dr. Math: I am... *throws up* Darn him. First he tries to kill me with these nanites and now I am being tortured by throwing them up now.
Sonic: I guess you are here to kill him.
Dr. Math: Nope. I am getting out of here. Since he killed the Nanites that was attached to my blood, I was forced to do what he says. I am now free and I am going to spend it away from here. But someone that he don't want here has came, the defense is going crazy.
Sonic: Could it be Shadow that set it off?
Dr. Math: If you got just got here, then no. It has been going on for a while.
Sonic: Someone else is here! Then who?

Tim Lemmens:

(Wow. Pooh actually speaks some wise words. Love that. He did that once on TV and I still remember that moment.)

Gary: Well, I guess we can tell everything.
Cilan: And to be more precise, you're not going to be happy with it.
Gary: So, like you know, Pooh isn't in danger.
Rabbit: No, but my honey is.
Gary: Please stay out of this, Rabbit. You don't know what this is about. *looks back to Jon.* Remember when Ash took us apart in the Pokémon Center?
Jon: I thought something wasn't right there.
Gary: He told us that he wanted to sneak into the Kingdom Hearts world.
Cilan: But you three coming along wasn't the plan.
Gary: So, he told us to make up an excuse so that you wouldn't be standing in his way.
Jon: So, what is this plan that Ash has?
Gary: He wants to find out why Shadow was in the Pokémon world and is off to Yen Sid's tower to ask him to reveal the truth.
Jon: What?!


"Oh my god." Alex replied.

"Goddammit guys my time is not to be wasted. We'll have to go back and find Yen Sid's tower now." Jon stated, slightly max.

Hayley then turned to Pooh and Rabbit stating "I'm sorry for wasting your time."

"It's no problem at least I have plenty of honey. I wonder if Christopher Robin is coming over later?" Pooh replied.

"Maybe he can stop you from eating all my honey." Rabbit stated back, cranky.

"Well anyways see you guys." Jon stated as he led the group until they were out of the Hundred Acre Woods.

"Well that was cute." Hayley remarked.

"Yes it was but now Ash is putting himself in trouble. We need to find Yen Sid's tower and I have never played Kingdom Hearts so I'm not really sure of my way around this world." Jon explained, annoyed by all this.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 2, Chapter 7: DARK REVELATION
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Page 5:


*Mario continues searching for Pipeazoid as the floors and walls keeps changing.*
Mario: Where is he?! This place is changing all the time! I will be lucky if I end up back where I started.
*A wall went down infront of Mario. On the otherside of the wall, an army of Metuids was standing there.*
Mario: Oh crap.
*Mario takes a step back as the Metuids take a step forward. As Mario takes more steps, the Metuids takes the same amount. Mario turns around and starts running, with the Metuids following him. As the walls and floors changed, the Metuids goes through the cracks around the walls.*
Mario: Oh come on!
*Meanwhile, Sonic was trying to make his to Pipeazoid.*
Sonic: Whoever is here is going to end up killing Amy.
Mario: *from afar* Waaaaaaah!
Sonic: Was that Mario I hear?
*As soon as the walls changed, Mario comes running through with the Metuids following him.*
Sonic: Woah!
*Sonic got his Soul Blade out and starts taking out every Metuid there was coming. After two thousand, the Metuids retreats.*
Mario: Thanks for saving my life.
Sonic: What are you doing here?
Mario: I was sent here by the Angels. Did they send you to help?
Sonic: No. I am here on my own terms.
Mario: Well then, we can help each other out. I got to kill Pipeazoid now.
Sonic: For the Angels? Where is Luigi?
Mario: Back where the Angels took us after that trick the one Angel did to us. He refused to help me.
Sonic: Luigi is the smart one then. You can't kill him.
Mario: Yes I can and I will. All we got to do is find him and then I can kill him.
Sonic: That is not going to happen. Pipeazoid isn't the enemy, he is a victim.
Mario: What?! Have you lost it like Luigi?!
Sonic: No, I know the truth about him. He is forced to be evil. Eric Bright is still in there. Azurith put a spell on him to be evil.
Mario: I am not hearing this. Pipeazoid is a threat that must be stopped. I will stop him at all cost. He has to pay for what he did to Luigi and everyone he has harmed.
Sonic: This is just a revenge thing for you! If you go and kill him, then you are no better than he is right now!
Mario: Do not compare me to him. I am trying to save all the worlds.
Sonic: And he has Amy and will kill her if I don't face him alone. That is why I am here and Shadow is after Azurith some where here as well.
Mario: So Amy is here as well. Then we should work together. I can save her while you destract him, then I will kill him.
Sonic: Not going to happen.
Mario: Oh yes it will.
*Mario starts heading back the way he came. Sonic runs infront of Mario and punches him in the face, knocking him out.*
Sonic: Sorry Mario, but I can't risk Amy's life for your crazy vendetta.
*Sonic takes off down the path.*


[Sh*t just got real!]

Jared and Dylan go to the army base where Nathaniel Pole is held captive. Nathaniel was kept alive in case of further use.

Two guards stand right next to Nathaniel as they walk into the courtyard to meet Dylan and Jared. Jared tries to act like a natural agent but the memories of having to stop a friend who saved his life came back to haunt him on the inside. Nathaniel smirked once he realized it was Jared. But once Nathaniel came up to them, he didn't waste time by saying anything to Jared. Instead he just looks into Dylan's eyes.

"You need me?" Nathaniel said.

"Let's walk shall we," Dylan said as the men walk down the courtyard path. "Do you recognize this man here?"

Dylan holds out a photo of Rowan Cross.

"Rowan Cross isn't it?" Nathaniel replied. "Heard he was dying."

"How did you hear that?" Dylan asked.

Nathaniel lets out a big laugh. "I may be in prison, but that doesn't mean the news doesn't fly around."

"And how come I call bull crap on that?" Jared snapped.

"Well well, look who's talking," Nathaniel said.

"We need your cooperation Pole," Dylan said. "Do you know anything about a Caesar's List?"

Nathaniel gives Dylan a weird look refusing to answer.

"What about whatever you and Cross were dealing with?" Dylan inquired.

"You know what's one thing you need just to transport yourself?" Nathaniel said. "Money. Cross was my only hope to get me out of America's reach before you guys busted me."

"But what about this Caesar's List?" Dylan asked.

"Why don't you just talk to my lawyers?" Nathaniel snapped.

"You're on your last appeal Nathan," Jared said. "If you're not going to cooperate you might as well place an order for your last meal."

"Just like that Lathigee?" Nathaniel smirked. "Some man saves your life, and what do you do? You put him in jail and walk away. You think these people are your friends, you can think again."

"That's enough Nathan!" Jared groaned.

"Because I tell your friend about Jared Lathigee!" Nathaniel said. "The things we saw and the things we did!"

"Got to hell Nathan," Jared said walking away,

"Yeah that's right you walk away you coward!" Nathaniel yelled. "But we're not done with each other yet!"

"He's wasting our time Dylan, let's go," Jared said.

"I SAVED YOUR LIFE!" Nathaniel shouts as the guards take him back inside the building. "I OWE SOMETHING BETTER THAN THIS!"

Jared tries not to look back as he hears the screams of Nathaniel being dragged back behind his bars. Dylan and Jared didn't talk to each other as they head back to the office.

[Refer to the last post on page 31 where Otacon gets an anonymous mail]

Otacon remains in the hospital as he brings his university paperwork inside until the FBI has come up with something new. Rowan Cross was asleep and the doctors believe this will be his last before death. If only Rowan was able to speak to Otacon, then they will know why he went on that bridge. Rowan obviously thought he was going to die on that bridge, and not end up in the hospital. Which means his plans to get the FBI's attention almost failed. And if so, there's probably something more to this case.

Otacon opens up his bag on the desk sitting next to the window he drew on and accidentally drops some paperwork. He picks the paperwork up and places them on the desk. He sorts throughout the paperwork getting it back in organization again until he eyes something he never bothered to look at again. A letter he got around the time Jack attacked Susan in the hospital, before finding out he was a jack-in-the-box. He didn't look at it again since Jared and Dylan were thought to be dead and it completely put this letter off his mind. He looks in it again as he sees three mathematical equations and a letter.

Hello Otacon Emmerich, or should I say, Hal Emmerich. Don't think I don't know who you are. There's no mistake. I hear you are a mathematician genius. Don't think that I do not know what you have been through. You have no reason to be afraid of me. But since the worlds could be in peril, you must follow these directions, or there will be a war against all worlds. Don't look at me as the enemy. Think of it as me being your ally. Now, there's five mathematical problems you must solve. Some are basic, some are not. It's time to put your mind to the test Emmerich. Solve these pieces before it is too late.

Otacon was confused. Has any other war not including the Bloodless War broke out yet? If so, he hoped he wasn't the reason if there is some sort of war going on. He remembered thinking that maybe Dr. Math send him this. But something didn't seem right to be Dr. Math. Otacon looks at the mathematical equations again and realizes the writing actually looks familiar. He looks into Rowan Cross' records to see his works with cryptography. The writings were identical. So Rowan has had this planned even before he got poisoned.


"Ok guys stay here I'll be back in a minute" Jon stated as he and the others arrived back where they came, near the portal.

"Why?" Hayley asks.

"I'm gonna quickly go back to the Central Universe and print off a Kingdom Hearts map so we can find our way to Yen sid's Tower and find Ash. I'll be in a jiffy." Jon replied as he ran into the portal.

"Well now we wait." Alex stated as he sat down.

Meanwhile Jon quickly arrived back in the Central Universe and looked at the Kingdom Hearts world. Finding a map, he prints it off and runs back to the group.

"Ok here's the map guys and the tower should be that way" Jon states as he points in a direction.


(Yes Nitsua, s**t did get real.)
*Shadow runs through the fortress searching for Azurith.*
Shadow: Where is he?! I am getting tired of running into Pipeazoid's Metuids. I must have destroyed at least 5,000 of them by now. And none of Azurith's Darkloids either.
*Shadow then enters a room. In the room, Azurith was standing there.*
Azurith: Well, Shadow, I was beginning to think you weren't going to come.
Shadow: I finally found you. I have been looking for you since we last met.
Azurith: Yes. I wanted you to find me.
Shadow: What?
Azurith: I wanted you to be a part of this glories day. The day I get my hands on the Zuel Blade.
Shadow: And with it the power to destroy anything, just like that crater back in Pipeazoid's home world a hundred years ago.
Azurith: So you did your research. I am impressed.
Shadow: But I am not going to let you get it.
Azurith: I know. I expected you would not let me get it without a fight, which is why I am going to send us to a more suitable place.
*Azurith snaps his fingers and both him and Shadow was engulfed by darkness. The darkness then faded away to reveal that they were on the roof of one of the many towers, but not where Pipeazoid was at.*
Shadow: On top of one of the many towers here.
Azurith: I figured the view would be during our fight.



Otacon puts the numbers of the answered questions he was given in order. But the problem was that the letter told him he needed to answer five mathematical pieces, but there was only three simple ones. He thinks maybe there's a reason behind this, and he had to use the three pieces, in order to find the other two. Knowing the works are Rowan Cross', he uses the Straddling Checkerboard he used earlier to see if the numbers come out as a message


"Hey Otacon! You called me to bring you books on cryptography?" Professor Marshall Novich said as he walks in. The security guard tries to stop him, but Otacon tells the guard to let Marshall pass.

"Thanks!" Otacon said as he placed the books down on the desk.

"Whoa dude!" Marshall said looking at Otacon's writing on the window. "Ever heard of a piece of paper?"

"I had to be quick," Otacon replied. "He was giving me these numbers by tapping out the numbers through the oxygen saturation levels."

"Caesar Poisoned Me?" Marshall said reading off the window and being disgusted by the sight of a burned man.

"Sorry for making you go through so much trouble, I just needed these books to figure out what code he wants me to solve with these sets of numbers," Otacon murmured.

"Can I help you?" Marshall asked.

"If this weren't confidential FBI stuff, I would say yes," Otacon replied. "But I can't be giving away any information to you about this."

"Whatever the problem is, I can keep it quiet," Marshall said. "You seem stressed out and it looks like you need the help you can get."

Five minutes later, Eppes arrives to see how Otacon is doing but gets confused when he sees another man there trying to solve a series of numbers.

"What's going on here?" Eppes asked. "Who is this guy?"

"Eppes, can I talk to you for a second?" Otacon demanded as he and Eppes go to other side of the room. "Around the time that jack-in-the-box tried to kill Susan in the hospital, I received this letter from an unnamed person. It was Rowan who send me this. He had this planned for a more than a week."

"And why didn't you tell this to us?" Eppes asked.

"Because I forgot about it after we thought Jared and Dylan were killed in that explosion," Otacon whispered hoping Marshall didn't hear him about Jack. "In the letter, there's three out of five math equations he's supposed to present me. I'm hoping these numbers from the three equations can help me find the other two equations."

"And what about him?" Eppes asked.

"I told him he couldn't get involved with this investigation," Otacon said. "I just wanted him to get me some books so I can figure out which code Cross used. But if we're ever going to find out what Rowan Cross wants us to see, I need another person who has experience in my field."

"Well you better hope we don't get in trouble for this," Eppes said.

"So what's going on back in the office?" Otacon asked.

"Nothing that we haven't solved so far," Eppes replied. "Turns out Jared's war buddy we busted trying to leave on boat has some sort communication with Cross an hour before trying to leaving the country. And as far as people are aware, this Caesar's List doesn't exist."

Otacon nods as he turns to Marshall who has an idea.

"Who is Caesar?" Marshall asked.

"As far as we know, he's not a person," Eppes replied.

"What if the name alone is a code to a cipher," Marshall suggested. "The Caesar Cipher!"

Otacon had no idea what this cipher was, let alone knew it was one at all.

"What if we had to use the straddling checkerboard to get these letters," Marshall explained writing on the window. "And then use the Caesar Cipher where we shift each letter backwards three times."



Marshall steps back as Eppes instantly figures out the jumble of letters. Eppes grabs the felt marker from Marshall as he circles the first A and puts a dot between the E and the O at the end.

"[email protected]"

Tim Lemmens:

Jon: Okay. Let's leave.

Suddenly, someone appears in the room.

???: Jon, Hayley and Alex?
Jon: Yes, who are you?
???: I'm Merlin the wizard. I figured out that you visited Pooh's world since I have his storybook. I also figured out that you want to go see Yen Sid. I can take you to his tower myself. He's a good friend of mine.
Jon: Well, that would be easy. Then we don't need the way.
Alex: Show us the way.

Merlin fires a spell to the three and suddenly they are at Yen Sid's tower.

Jon: That was quick.
Alex: Come. Let's get inside.


*Sonic runs through the fortress until he was blocked by a few Metuids.*
Sonic: I guess I have to destroy these to continue on.
*The Metuids moved back and over to reveal a set of stairs behind them. They then pointed at the stairs.*
Sonic: Is he up there?
*The Metuids shaked their heads up and down for yes.*
Sonic: You can understand me?
*The Metuids shook their heads yes.*
Sonic: Is he wanting you guys to let me through?
*The Metuids shook their heads no.*
Sonic: I am guessing you want him gone for your own reasons. But aren't you guys programmed to obey and serve him.
*The Metuids shook their heads yes.*
Sonic: I guess you guys want your own freedom. Too bad I am not going to kill him.
* Sonic starts climbing the stairs as the Metuids blocks the stairs back off.*

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Jon, Hayley and Alex looked towards the inside of Yen Sid's Tower when Hayley notes "Wait shouldn't Cilan and Gary be with us?"

"Oh crap Merlin forgot to send them with us!" Alex replied.

"Umm...let's go see Yen Sid first about Ash and then we'll get back to Gary and Cilan. Besides we were last near the portal before we got teleported. They could easily make their way back to the Pokemon world." Jon rationalises as the trio finally see Yen Sid in person.

"Yen Sid. My name is Jon and this is Alex and Hayley. We're here to ask you on the whereabouts of our friend Ash Ketchum, whom we understand approached you earlier."


Susan goes over to the Sacramento Bee Newspaper to talk to Wendy Vernon who works as a reporter.

"Why is it that suddenly the FBI wants something from me?" Wendy moaned obviously showing she is hates the government.

"Ms. Vernon do you know a man by the name of Rowan Cross?" Susan asked.

"Rowan Cross," Wendy murmured trying to remember the name. "Actually I think I do! He was sending me emails about some sort of Caesar's List that would help me expose spies within the government. But he was very vague on the information he was giving me, so I've been starting to think it's just some wacko trying to waste my time."

"Do you still have those emails?" Susan asked.

"Yes I do," Wendy replied. "I was on the verge of deleting them, but if he was providing me with a good story, I just put it aside in a file."

"That's good, because we need your email," Susan demanded.

"What?" Wendy said confused. "What the hell is this all about?"

"Rowan Cross is dying," Susan explained. "His body was poisoned by someone, and he only has a little bit of time to live."

"Poisoned?" Wendy said. "You're not accusing me for poisoning him are you?"

"That would be impossible with the evidence provided by one of our consultants," Susan answered. "But he wanted us to find you by giving us your email. There's something he's send you within your own SacBee email and we need your password."

Nightfall came as Otacon and Marshall return back to the hospital after getting something to eat. Eppes allowed Marshall to help Otacon, as long as he doesn't tank or leak the investigation. Otacon calls Eppes on his phone as Marshall goes over the window to write down everything they wrote, so it can be cleaned up.

"Hey Otacon," Eppes answered back at the office, having coffee with Jared and Dylan.

"Hey! So Marshall and I are back at the hospital. We're just writing down everything we need so they can clean off the window," Otacon said as he just notices there's no security guard in the room. "Uh, where's the security?"

"A fight broke out in the ER," the nurse replied behind the counter.

"What's going on?" Eppes asked.

"The security guard watching Cross left his post," Otacon replied. "Some sort of fight broke out in the ER?"

"Otacon, you get security in there right away!" Eppes demanded as he gets up along with Dylan and Jared.

Otacon puts his phone in his pocket and picks up the telephone. But there was no dial tone.

"Excuse me nurse!" Otacon said. "How do I get a dial tone?"

"There's no dial tone?" the nurse said confused.

Otacon then hears doors a gun fire from a distance. Marshall and the nurse jump scared as Otacon looks through the door windows to see some guy was walking down the hallway far away looking in every room.

"Oh no!" Otacon shakes in fear as he looks at the name tag on the nurse. "Lana! The three of us need to get this man out of here right now!"

"We cannot do that," Nurse Lana replied.

Marshall feels like he shaken on the inside all over. Confused and scared after hearing the gunfire.

"Lana! Whoever poisoned this man has drove him mad," Otacon said trying to snap some sense into her. "So they could be in here right now to kill him! And chances are, us as well."

"Well you're with the FBI, can't you do something?" Nurse Lana asked.

"Actually, I'm a mathematician," Otacon said.

The man gets closer to the doors as he checks the last room to find nothing but an empty bed. He barges through the doors, and the room is completely empty. As first he thinks Rowan Cross is not in here, but then he notices one of the wires in the room were swinging back and forth.

Otacon, Marshall, and Nurse Lana help each other steer the bed with the unconscious Rowan Cross as they go down to the basement which no one uses since they were built around the time World War II happened in case of earthquakes. Marshall couldn't stop shaking knowing somebody could be gaining on them.

"You know, when I said I could help, this was the last thing I was expecting," Marshall murmured.

"No one was expecting this," Otacon said trying to stay more clam then the other two, surprised that he himself is nervous since he's been through worse with Snake and helping his friends from the other worlds fight in the Bloodless War. It just has been a while since he has been put in any sort of danger.

The elevator doors open revealing a dim stoned hallway.

"This way!" Nurse Lana said as the three run pushing the bed down the hallway, with Nurse Lana making sure Rowan is still able to breathe.

The man could be taking the stairs down to catch up them. But the three worry they won't be able to outrun from this man for long before the FBI comes to their rescue.


*Mario wakes up from being knocked out by Sonic.*
Mario: That son of a Goomba. I can't believe he punched me like that. Sonic is going to cause the end of all life if I don't stop Pipeazoid.
*Mario gets up and looks around.*
Mario: Where did he go? And why did the walls and floor stopped changing?
*The walls and floor did not change on time as it was doing when Mario started moving around the place. Meanwhile, Shadow was still on top of one of the towers with Azurith.*
Shadow: I know your plan. You want to fight here so that you can see some cue that the Zuel Blade has started to form. Well, I am going to stop you.
*Shadow got out his Soul Blade.*
Azurith: Yes. But I think that you will never succeed in stopping me. *Gets his Soul Blade out* I will have the Zuel Blade, and no one can stop me.
*Shadow and Azurith starts fighting. Meanwhile, Sonic reaches the top of the tower to find Pipeazoid and Amy there.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: You didn't come alone. But it seem that he came for a different reason than helping you.
Sonic: You know Shadow is here?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Of course. I have been watching with that Metuid I had to form as a telescope there.
*Sonic looks to see the telescope turns back into a Metuid. The Metuid jumps off the tower, leaving them.*
Sonic: You know that I didn't have much of a fight to get here.
Dr. Pipeazoid: I know. The Metuids are starting to try and rebel a bit, but it doesn't matter, because soon, I will have the ultimate weapon. I will no longer need them.
Sonic: Not going to happen.
Amy: Sonic! It's a trap!
*Before Sonic could react, the path he came from closed.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: You can't run from this fight, and no one can get here. This is the battle I have been waiting to do for a long time. And this time, no distractions can stop me. No tricks can help you now.
Sonic: Oh really. You must not know me very well. *Takes out a Chaos Emerald* Chaos...
*Pipeazoid turns his right hand into a blaster and shoots the Chaos Emerald out of Sonic's hand. The emerald bounces over the edge of the tower.*
Sonic: What the?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: I know about your Chaos Control trick. I am not going to let you teleport to her and get her out of here without a fight.
Sonic: Well, I guess you do learn. But not well enough.
*Sonic gets another Chaos Emerald out, only for Pipeazoid to shoot it out of his hand, going over the edge of the tower. Sonic tries again, only for the same result to happen. Sonic did it two more times with no success.*
Sonic: Ok. Now I am in a pickle here.
Dr. Pipeazoid: My nanite cameras have shown me the Chaos Emeralds you have. You thought you could pull one out to fake me out. The Green Emerald is with the other Hedgehog at all times and Dr. Eggman has the white one.
Sonic: So you have learned. I guess I under estimated you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: As I have said, me and you are going to end this, once and for all.


(No point on waiting)

"Oh yes Mr. Ketchum. He had approached me earlier regarding the dealings of Sonic and Shadow as well as their involvement with Azurith. He however is irrelevant to them as a whole and as such I refused to tell him anything. He then threatened to destroy this place with his Pokemon but I threw him and his friends out. I do not know their current whereabouts." Yen Sid replied.

"Oh well thank you for all that information then. We'll be off now." Jon replied.

The trio left as they wondered where Ash and the others are. Regardless they returned back to the Central Universe.

"Ok I'm gonna try and find Gary, Cilan, Ash and the others from here. Shouldn't take too much work to do." Jon explained.

"Awesome I'll be in the gaming room if you need me." Alex replied as he walked off ready to relax.

Tim Lemmens:

(Sorry. Forgot to tell you I'm off on a holiday.)

Cilan and Gary had discovered that Merlin had forgotten them. They returned to the Pokémon world and sat down on a quiet road.

Cilan: I wonder where Ash is now.
Gary: Me too. You know, I used to annoy him many years ago, but in the end, we started to understand each other. There is one moment I will never forget.
Cilan: Wich is that?
Gary: I had finished my journey in Kanto and Johto and was about to set off to Hoenn. Around that time, Ash had also finished his journey. Misty had gotten her bike back and...You do know the bike story, right?
Cilan: Yes. Misty told it to me on the party in the Mushroom Kingdom.
Gary: Good. And Brock was also leaving to his gym. Ash was alone again and had returned home. Gramps then told him I was also planning to leave. I didn't know anything of what had happened and I was surprised to see this "loser" run up to me and wish me a proper goodbye.
Cilan: I see. That was kind of Ash.
Gary: Yes. And I'm glad I accepted his goodbye. After all, he's not a loser anymore. Look at what he did during the battle with Xaria.
Cilan: I wasn't there. So, I don't know EXACTLY what happened, but Ash told me a lot about it, including that it was you who saved the day.
Gary: I did it on command.
Cilan: From who?
Gary: A strange being called Amelia. She told me that Ash was in danger. But I have no clue who she is.
Cilan: Strange.


Sonic: So you planned this all out yourself?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Yes. I will finally kill you.
Sonic: Not today.
*Sonic begins to start charging at Pipeazoid. Dr. Pipeazoid points his blaster at Amy and begins charging a shot.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: I wouldn't do that if I was you.
*Sonic slowed down and stopped right in front of Pipeazoid.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Got you!
*Pipeazoid stops the charge and punches Sonic back across the roof.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: I should have known this would work. This whole time, I could have done this along time ago.
Sonic: That was cold. Threaten to kill Amy just to get a hit. Alice would be ashamed of you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Say what you want, it won't work. Once I get the Zuel Blade, I will destroy this world and recreate my world to how it should be. I will finally be reunited with her.
Sonic: *thinking* Oh no, Azurith got to him. He fixed it to where Pipeazoid is in his complete control. He won't stop until he kills me. But how does he know about the Zuel Blade? *out loud* I am not going to let you win. I will stop you at all cost.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Good luck with that.
*Pipeazoid starts shooting at Sonic as Sonic starts charging at him, dodging every shot. Pipeazoid then points his blaster at Amy again, causing Sonic to stop again. Pipeazoid knees Sonic in the gut and grabs him in the air. He then slams Sonic into the ground and throws him across.*
Amy: Sonic!
*Sonic gets up.*
Sonic: *Thinking* He keeps using Amy as the way to attack me. He knows that he can shoot fast enough to kill her and I am not going to let him do that. Unless I can lure him away to rescue her.
Dr. Pipeazoid: You think you can win now?
Sonic: You speak very confidently for someone who just stays in one place. Why not make a move instead of me?


The man walks down the hallway a level below the hospital. His main target is to kill Rowan Cross. After minutes of walking, he finds a door hanging open that leads into the MRI Room. The sign clearly states the MRI gives of magnetic waves and no metals should be allowed inside the room. He enters the room hoping to find Cross inside. Suddenly the lights turn on as he sees Otacon through the glass typing something on the computers. Nurse Lana was making sure Rowan Cross kept on breathing and Marshall was standing right behind Otacon. Otacon activates the MRI. The man takes out his gun, but he was pulled right towards the machine and hit his head on the side, knocking him unconscious.

"Looks like Lawrence's Force Law bit him in the ***," Marshall grinned after being scared.

Half an hour passes as the FBI comes to help them and arrest the man paid to kill Rowan Cross.

During the interrogation, the man refused to speak or make eye contact. Didn't request for a lawyer or nothing. Just sat there handcuffed to the table in complete silence.

Mario navigates himself through the castle hoping no enemies gets in his way. He was fortunate to see none so far. But as he hopes Sonic doesn't screw up what the angels need Mario to do, Mario suffers from a headache after getting knocked out by Sonic.

Luigi has a meal to himself and still felt like something was not right. He calls for the angels several times, but no matter what, he was alone in the Green Room.

Wendy Vernon comes into the Sacramento Bee building as she notices two FBI agents standing there with their badge.

"Somebody tried to kill Cross," Jared answered to her confused look.

Wendy steps back hoping they weren't accusing her for the murder. "Hey look, I already gave you guys my notes and email. What more do you want from me?"

"Ms. Vernon, Cross was almost killed by an agent of possibly the man who poisoned him," Dylan explained. "They could be very well after you for information. You need to come with us for your own protection."

"Well do I have a choice?" Wendy snapped.

"Ha, no," Jared smirked as the two take Wendy away.

The FBI sends Wendy Vernon to a safe house near the beach, where Susan and Jared were sent to protect her from any harm. Wendy however was not pleased by the FBI's work, accusing them for being the ones threatening her wellbeing, instead of the people after her, and for the fact they don't respect the constitution of human rights. Susan snaps at her for accusing that they don't believe in the constitution, saying that it only made her look stupid, as they believe in humans rights as much as anyone else does. Jared was not pleased with Susan's behavior, realizing that the whole team has been changing.

As Wendy goes into her bedroom, Susan goes over to the balcony looking down. Jared walks over to see if he could comfort her.

"Are you alright Susan?" Jared asked.

"Yes," Susan lied. There was silence between them as Jared looked at her through his sunglasses in doubt. "Not really. I guess this whole FBI thing was more than what I wanted. I mean I want to save lives and such, and I never found much of it when I was head of the Disease Control Department. But after helping Eppes and Otacon out with the virus spreading in town, that was the day I cornered Otacon and found out about other worlds. Knowing there's more intelligence than us makes me realize how little we're doing."

"Well sometimes doing even the most littlest things can leave a larger impact on the world," Jared said. "A kid can kick a rock, but other people would have to kick where it landed. Or when the planes destroyed the towers, it didn't just kill the people, but it affected all of America and the countries that mattered in the trading. A criminal is like a virus spreading around. The sooner we stop it, the more lives we save. Life is worth something, and I believe without you, many people would be deceased."

"I don't know, I guess it's not really what we do for the world, but rather how it is having an impact on us," Susan said. "Eppes has gone insane after you and Dylan went through that portal. It seems like his therapy definitely has helped him. Otacon seems to be putting too much of these cases on his shoulders. But you seem to be changing as well."

"In what way?" Jared asked.

"Nathaniel Pole," Susan replied. "I understand it must have been hard when you turned him in. After he saved your life in Afghanistan and all. But then later on, you suggested to go under a bridge, attached with explosives before the bomb squad could do something about it. Something seems different about you Jared."

Jared sighs not denying what Susan had said. "It's just Cross could have taken down a whole entire bridge. Someone had to do something. As for Nathaniel, I've given up on caring about the guy. Honestly I wished someone else pulled me out of that fire."

Susan and Jared stand there in silence with the hot sun setting across the ocean. Susan goes back inside to check on Wendy as Jared stands there thinking about what they've talked about.

Meanwhile from the distance, someone was looking through binoculars at Jared on the balcony as Susan went back inside. He gets back into the jeep with two other guys polishing their guns.

"All we need is the reporter," he said. "But we kill the agents. There's two of them in there."

Tim Lemmens:

Back in Yen Sid's tower...

Mickey: Master Yen Sid, can I ask you something?
Yen Sid: Yes, Mickey? What is it?
Mickey: Why did you tell Jon that you hadn't seen Ash? I mean, you did see him. You send him to the middle of nowhere.
Yen Sid: Listen, Mickey. Azurith is a dangerous person. More powerfull than you might think. The less people know about him, the better.
Mickey: I see. So, it's the best that we just wait for Sonic or Shadow to be finished with their mission and have them free Ash and the rest.
Yen Sid: Precisly.

In the Pokémon world...

Cilan: So, what are we going to do now, Gary? I mean, we can't sit here all the time waiting for Ash.
Gary: Let's go to gramps lab and see if Rob is awake already.
Cilan: That's a good idea.

The two stand up and walk away to Oak's lab.

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[Uh, I don't think Eppes was the one there.]
[Update: Edited]

The FBI triples the security to guard Rowan Cross at the hospital after the other security guard got shot. The guard was lucky enough to survive, after the man shot the guard while he was unconscious. It was strange however that he did not kill. The man was still in custody, refusing cooperation.

Meanwhile in the FBI office, Marshall has calmed down but couldn't stop talking about how lucky he and Otacon were to have handled a man on their own. Marshall and Otacon look into Wendy Vernon's emails, and collected every message sent by Rowan Cross. Most of them were mentions about a Caesar's List, and the last email was unread saying to be prepared if the FBI appears on your doorstep. But while checking the emails, they found the two other mathematical pieces that were supposed to be four and five mentioned in the letter Otacon received around the time of the case with Jack.

Marshall solves the fifth piece which was a Fair Division algorithm problem. This is well known in university as the cake cutting algorithm, where if a person favors the chocolate side of the cake only, then it becomes complicated to figure out your fair division. According to the question, there were three men by the names of Isaac, Widget, and Francis.

"Every thing he has given us must have some sort of purpose," Otacon stated. "The first question he asked me was who made the laws of motion and how many there were. The name Isaac must refer to Isaac Newton. The second question, he asked me about a probability problem between two machines producing a widget, and the answer was that the defect rate to the first machine was eighty-seven point five precent. He repeated it again for the fourth question."

It turns out the second question he was asked on the bridge was the number fourth mathematical equation he had to solve.

"This is quite a complicated setup if this does lead to anything," Marshall murmured.

"I mean I needed the Straddling Checkerboard and Caesar Cipher in order to crack the code of the first three equations, so that way we find Wendy Vernon," Otacon said. "He had this planned for a long time. And after realizing he was poisoned, he had to talk to us as soon as possible before he dies, even if it meant blowing up an entire bridge."

"So he was going to give you some time and then talk to you," Marshall guessed. "Sometimes I wish I could be as great as this man. Serving in wars to save many lives. Or even you solving crime. The best I've done is teach and help college students become successful themselves."

"But then you turn those students into people who can use the math for good," Otacon stated.

Marshall finishes up the Fair Division algorithm as he shows Otacon the results.

"It's not accurate," Otacon said confused.

"That probably might be the point," Marshall replied writing the names of the divisions from lowest to highest in order. Francis, Isaac, and Widget.

"So that's it?" Otacon said lost on where Rowan Cross was leading them. "But this doesn't make any sense. This leads to nothing."

"Hey guys," Eppes said coming into the room. "How's it going?"

"We're getting there, but the main problem is where Rowan Cross wants us to use the source we have," Otacon replied.

Dylan goes back to the army base where Nathaniel Pole is being held at.

"You seriously can't expect me to be able to answer every question you ask right?" Nathaniel snapped.

"Pending on your cooperation the Attorney might drop you as a Top Security Risk," Dylan stated. "The very least you can do is answer everything I ask you."

"Life Imprisonment," Nathaniel smirked in sarcasm. "Is that seriously the best your government can give me?"

"Do you know Wendy Vernon?" Dylan inquired.

"No," Nathaniel answered.

"What about this Caesar's List thing?" Dylan asked.

"It's an old spy fiction," Nathaniel said. "What does that have to do with the case?"

"I can tell a liar when I see one Pole," Dylan snapped. "Now tell me this. Who poisoned Cross?"

"I don't know!" Nathaniel replied.

"Was it the Chinese?" Dylan inquired.

"No it was Iraq," Nathaniel lied. "The Brits, the Japanese, the Koreans, take your pick!"

"Fine," Dylan groaned walking away. "See you before you die Nathan."

"Alright alright!" Nathaniel said. "I don't know who poisoned him. But I do know something about the Caesar's List. They've probably told you it doesn't exist, and they are right. But Cross was trying to build one himself."

"Building one?" Dylan asked.

"Yes," Nathaniel said. "Right before you guys busted me, I gave him two names of spies working within the US government for the Chinese. I was going to give him a third if I could, but I had no time."

"Where is it now?" Dylan asked.

"Do you think he would seriously tell me?" Nathaniel said. "I'm more than likely on that list myself, and anyone who is on it would want to see it die of ever being created. But my guess is whoever poisoned him obviously had a reason to choose a slow poisoning instead of giving him cyanide."

"Somebody wants the list to be found!" Dylan said turning around to go back to the office.

"Oh hey and tell Jared this!" Nathaniel called out. "Tell him that I was a better friend than he is."

"What the hell is that suppose to mean?" Dylan asked.

"He'll know," Nathaniel said.

Back at the safe house, nightfall came as Wendy, Susan, and Jared finish their chinese dinner.

"I think I'll be going to bed," Wendy said.

Susan and Jared nod as suddenly the lights go out.

"The lights are on next door," Susan said looking out the window.

Jared takes out his cellphone. "No signal."

"What's going on?" Wendy panicked a little.

"Go lay down in the bathtub!" Jared demanded.

"Why?" Wendy asked.

"It's made of granite it will protect you if things get ugly," Jared answered. Wendy nods as she runs straight to the bathroom.


(Yeah, I think you mean Jon and not Eppes.)
Dr. Pipeazoid: You know, you're right. I need to make a move. Prepare yourself.
*Pipeazoid takes out his beam saber and charges towards Sonic. Sonic then runs and rolls underneath as Pipeazoid swings his sword. Sonic starts running towards Amy.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Very clever hedgehog.
*Pipeazoid gave chase. As soon as Sonic got near Amy, Pipeazoid grabs Sonic and throws him in the air. He then spins around and kicks Sonic back across the tower.*
Amy: Sonic! No!
Dr. Pipeazoid: You thought you could trick me into moving away from her so you can rescue her and avoid this fight. The rolling slowed you down. I will not let you do that again.
Sonic: I am not giving up. I will save her from you at any cost.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Even if it cost you your life?
Sonic: Even if it does take my life.
Dr. Pipeazoid: The words I was hoping to hear.
*Pipeazoid puts his sword away and takes out a button. He pressed the button and four pillars came up. Before Sonic could react, the pillars created a tractor beam and traps Sonic.*
Sonic: Not this again. You stole this from Eggman.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Yes. Seeing how he was able to use this to stop you in your super form, I decided to have this installed just as a last resort incase you came here some other time in that same form. I am going to enjoy this.
Sonic: When I break free, I will get her out before you kill her.
Dr. Pipeazoid: I never intended on killing her. I need her alive to get the Zuel Blade. That is why her one arm is left free. It is you who is going to die. But I am going to beat you up before I do that.

Tim Lemmens:

(I corrected it.)

In Oak's lab, Cilan and Gary found Rob.

Rob: I can't believe I fell asleep. That's so annoying.
Oak: Don't you worry, Rob. I did a little research on it and I figured out that this less worse than people think.
Cilan: How so?
Oak: Oh. Hi, Cilan and Gary. You've come back. Where is Ash and the rest?
Cilan: We don't know. They went off to the Kingdom Hearts world, but we haven't seen them again.
Delia: Oh dear. I hope my little Ash is alright.
Gary: Don't worry, Mrs. Ketchum. I've told you before, Ash is stronger than you think.
Delia: Well, I hope so.
Oak: We just have to wait, Delia. Anyways, let me tell you what this sleeping problem is that Rob had and some other trainers have endured during battles.
Gary: Yes, tell us.
Cilan: Yeah.
Oak: The trainers who have this problem are usually trainers who are too excited for battles. They want to win and stay up all night to train their Pokémon. And the next day, they train again and that goes on for an amount of time that they decide themselves.
Gary: I see. So, you want to say that they fall asleep at other moments, to fill in the moments that they didn't sleep.
Oak: Precisly. My guess is, that whoever had this first must have tought something was wrong with him, but it's just a sleep like any other sleep.
Gary: We never tought something was wrong with Rob.
Oak: I didn't say that, but it so happens that other trainers think so when that happens.
Gary: I see.

Then, there was knock on the door.

Oak: Who could that be?

Oak opens the door and Brock walks in.

Brock: Hello, everyone.
Gary: Hey, Brock. What brings you here?
Brock: I was wondering, is Rob back awake?
Rob: Yes, I am. Why?
Brock: Well, I want to battle you again. Our last battle was...interrupted to say so.
Rob: Yes, and it was all my fault.
Brock: Look. Everyone can have sleep trouble, Rob. Anyways, how about we do this battle right now?
Oak: What? Here in my lab? No way. I mean, the last time you used your Onix in here, I had to replace half of my furniture.
Brock: Don't worry, professor. This time we fight in your garden.
Oak: Okay. But be carefull.
Brock: We will try to be.
Rob: Yeah.

After these words, Brock and Rob left to the garden. Cilan and Gary followed them to support the battle.


Jon was happy to see that Gary and Cilan were back in the Pokemon world but he still could not find Ash or the others.

"Dammit I still can't find Ash, May or Iris anywhere. Yen Sid must've sent them somewhere." Jon stated.

"How do you know Yen Sid sent them away? They could've just left as sonn as he demanded it." Hayley asked.

"Perhaps but I'm assuming any scenario. I just hopoe Mario, Luigi and the others are doing ok." Jon explained.

"Hopefully the angels wont bother us again. After all Mario, Sonic and Luigi are their main focus now in defeating Pipeazoid. Alex couldn't have anything more to do with it." Hayley stated.

"I sure hope so. Hmm maybe after this is over he can go back to his normal life. Maybe." Jon imagined as he kept on searching.


[Two things. One, we are on page 6 already. Two, the big reveal is vague here, and more information about the angel's intentions are revealed more and more in the later posts, Season 3, and possibly Season 4.]

Back in the FBI office, Eppes' cell phone rings.

"Eppes," Eppes answered.

"Eppes! I tried to call Jared and Susan but they are not answering their phones!" Dylan said driving through the city.

"Oh crap, I'll be there with some backup!" Eppes replied as he rushed out of the office.

Marshall watches Eppes as he runs straight to the elevator. "That can't be good."

"Alright, clearly he wants us to see more in these emails, so let's keep searching," Otacon suggested.

Luigi paces back and forth in the Green Room worried about Mario and how far they've come to be in this situation.

"What is it that you angels want?" Luigi asked. "Is it too much to ask why you want another world being to be destroyed?"

Luigi turns around to see Raphael came back into the room.

"Michael knows you are going to eventually figure it out sooner or later," Raphael said. "If it's a question you want answered, it's one I'll give to you."

"Michael?" Luigi asked.

"The oldest of the archangels," Raphael replied. "What is it that you want from us Luigi?"

"I want you to send me to Mario, so I can stop him from making the biggest mistake of his life," Luigi begged.

"You're not allowed," Raphael said.

"Why?" Luigi asked. "Why are you doing this to my brother?"

"Because we need all the help we can get to put the plan into motion," Raphael replied.

"What plan?" Luigi asked.

"You are right about one thing Luigi," Raphael explained. "Why would we care if some other world being is killed? Is it because of the disaster he'll bring? No."

Luigi turns around to head straight to the doors, but there was only a wall.

"Sorry, but there's no door out of here," Raphael smirked.

"What is it you angels want?" Luigi inquired angrily.

Raphael took a while to reply as he passes by a portrait that suddenly changed to a picture of monsters and people fighting. "To finish what has been started a long time ago."

"What do you mean?" Luigi asked as he walks up to Raphael.

"Eric Bright is a key," Raphael explained. "A key to a lock. A lock that will lead to sixty-four other locks that will eventually lead to one more. It's a cage we need to open."

Raphael turns his head to the portrait right next to him. Luigi looks at the picture and clued in what the angels are actually doing.

"You're going to release him from his prison," Luigi said in shock.


Tim Lemmens:

(There is not much I can do, really. I need to wait for Shadow or Sonic to do what they have to do and then free Ash from the middle of nowhere.)

In Oak's garden, the battle started.

Gary: Okay. I'll be the refree. Each person uses three Pokémon. First one to have all three of his Pokémon beaten loses. The other wins. Understood?
Brock: Sure.
Rob: I'm ready.
Brock: Then here I go. GO! GEODUDE!

Geodude pops out of its Pokéball.

Geodude: Geodude!

Rob throws his Pokéball and Gardevoir pops out of it.

Gardevoir: Gardevoir!
Gary: First round! Gardevoir vs Geodude. START!
Cilan: This is going to be epic.
Oak: Indeed.

Cilan looks and sees that Oak and Delia have also come to the garden.

Cilan: You're going to watch too?
Oak: Yeah. Why not? It's always great to see a good Pokémon battle.
Delia: And it will - maybe - not make me worry that much about Ash.
Cilan: I see.


Back in the FBI office, Marshall clicks on one email that displays these series of numbers:


"Whoa whoa!" Otacon exclaimed.

"Binary code?" Marshall suggested.

"No it can't be binary code! What if that's a trick to lose the enemy's tracks!" Otacon said. "Every thing he gave me had nothing to do with binary code! What if it's Bacon's Cipher! Where five A's and B's are arrange to create a letter, revealing a message. 'A's and 'B's-"

"One and zeros," Marshall said finishing Otacon's sentence.

Luigi is shocked once he finds out the angels' plan to release the Devil himself.

"My old brother Lucifer, a lot of people mistake him as some red horned demon, when he really is an archangel," Raphael said. "Long ago, he rebelled from Heaven and unleashed a tragic war that made many angels lose their lives. Michael faced him himself, and by God's orders cast him into Hell where he remains locked up."

"Why?" Luigi inquired. "Why would you release someone who would cause armageddon?"

"Simple," Raphael explained. "Michael was suppose to kill Lucifer, but he had no strength to. Michael had to send him down into Hell by our Father's orders. But now we know what makes us strong. We can't just use any living vessel. We have to use one that follows our bloodline."

"So you plan for the Devil to spread havoc on Earth, just so you can destroy him?" Luigi snapped. "But if you do that, hundreds of people will die!"

"Billions Luigi," Raphael corrected. "The sacrifice will be everybody on the planet. Trust me Luigi, people would prefer to live in peace dead, rather than suffer an everyday flawed society."

"You can't be serious!" Luigi roared. "You're just going to wipe out all of Earth! Alex's home world just to kill the Devil! Why can't you just leave him in his cage!"

"Because it is just," Raphael said.


"The plan is already set in motion Luigi," Raphael said more calmly. "It doesn't have to be Mario that kills Eric Bright, just as long as it is a man."

Luigi steps back knowing there was no point in trying to fight an angel who could easily kill him with a touch.

"Trust me, once this is all over, we'll be looking back and laughing at this," Raphael grinned.

"Trust me Raphael, the only laugher you will get is complete silence," Luigi said. "You are nothing but a soulless angel! You know what really matters? Family. People. You know this is the wrong thing."

"You just don't understand what's so right about it," Raphael countered.


"Even if you cannot understand, just have faith," Raphael said.

"I'd rather believe in people!" Luigi yelled. "I mean is this what God wants? Does he play a part in this?"

"What God?" Raphael asked. "He left the building billions of years ago. Just like most of the other Gods after they shape their world. Did you seriously think we were following orders by our Father? No. He entrusted it to us."

Luigi couldn't believe it. There was no God in Heaven. Where is he now? He couldn't believe that they were following orders from someone else since the start.

Raphael disappears from the room leaving Luigi in anger.

Luigi takes a small pedestal and starts smashing it against the wall, hoping to break out of the room. But after a few hits, the wall kept on repairing itself every time it gets damaged.

"There's no point Luigi," Gabriel said behind him. "Whoever kills Dr. Pipeazoid, the seal will be broken."

"How the hell did Dr. Pipeazoid from another world become a seal for the Devil?" Luigi asked.

"It's a long story," Gabriel replied. "But you need to understand Luigi, this is what was foretold in the prophecy for a long time."

"Do you think I care what the prophecy says Gabriel?" Luigi snapped. "You know this is wrong! You know this is not what God would want."

"Luigi, all I can say is that I'm sorry it had to be this way," Gabriel said.

"Sorry?" Luigi said. After pausing for a moment, he punches Gabriel across the face, which become ineffective on him, and instead hurt Luigi's fist. "Do you think saying sorry for bringing on the apocalypse is going to make me forgive you? THINK AGAIN YOU STUPID ANGEL!"

"But it's what the prophecy says Luigi, we have to swear our obedience to follow what it is foretold," Gabriel countered.

"Obedience?" Luigi said. "So you are telling me you never questioned a damn order in your life? Especially one that could cost many lives?" Gabriel grew sick of looking at Luigi that he turned his back. Luigi quickly grabbed him by the shoulder and turned him around. "LOOK AT ME! You think some prophecy is some future story that's already written for us? NO! IT'S NOTHING MORE THAN PEOPLE PUTTING YOU AND ME IN LINE TO MAKE SURE IT HAPPENS! It's the choices and the decisions we make that moves us forward, and they are controlling us to make sure they end all of Alex's world!"

Gabriel stood there in silence.

"You need to break me out of here so I can stop Mario or anyone from killing Dr. Pipeazoid!" Luigi demanded. "It's what those rebels have been trying to do, and it seems like those people wasting our time did the right thing! Please Gabriel, don't be the reason for that world to end! What matters the most is that people live their lives."

"And suffer pain and agony rather than live in peace? I see it everyday when I gaze down on you people!" Gabriel countered.

"You know what Gabriel, screw peace!" Luigi roared. "Do you think people can learn to live without any pain or suffering! It called development! To help us thrive and not back down when the world needs help or love! And I guess because you're not human, you won't understand. And nor do you seem to care. We're done talking!"

Luigi walks away from Gabriel.


"We're done!" Luigi roared.

Luigi stood there waiting for Gabriel to do something. He turns around to see that Gabriel left the room. Luigi figured there was no hope. These angels won't come in to terms of what is right. Dr. Pipeazoid is going to be killed, and the seals will be broken to release the Devil himself.

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(Wow, you guys went crazy on the post today. Especially you Nitsua. I always say wait until at "least" two people post after your last post before making another post. But this site became a ghost town, I am guessing no one is monitoring the rules other than me. Well, I guess it is time to unleash the big moment I have been building up to.)
*Pipeazoid begins beating Sonic up.*
Amy: No. Stop it. Stoooop iiiiiit!
*Amy begins to cry, knowing that she can do nothing to help. She then remembers what the mysterious man that talked to her.*
Mystery man: He will die trying to save you. One and one is two, one minus one is zero. In order for one to remain, one must remove itself from the equation.
*Amy continues to watch Pipeazoid beating up Sonic.*
Amy: I know what I have to do.
*Pipeazoid deactivates the trap, letting Sonic to drop to the ground. Pipeazoid turns his right hand into a blaster and grabs Sonic with his left.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: You've lost, hedgehog. I won. Now to seal the victory by letting you watch her watching you die.
*Pipeazoid points the blaster at Sonic's head.*
Amy: Stop it now!
*Amy summons her Soul Blade in her free hand.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What are you going to do with that? You know you can't hurt me with it.
Amy: I know, but I can keep you from getting what you want.
Dr. Pipeazoid: What do you... No.
Sonic: Amy, no! Don't do it!
Amy: I'm sorry Sonic.
*Dr. Pipeazoid drops Sonic and prepared to rush over to stop Amy, but was too late. Amy quickly turns her Soul Blade towards herself and stabs it through her chest.*
Sonic: No! Amy!
*Sonic rushes over to Amy, passing by Pipeazoid who was stunned to see everything he was working towards was ruined. Sonic untied the rope and grabs Amy. Her body fades from existence right in Sonic's arms.*
Sonic: No. I wasn't fast enough. I couldn't save you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: That stupid girl! She ruined everything! Both of you are weak and pathetic. My goals are gone! At least I will kill you now.
Sonic: *angry* Weak? You think we are weak?! You have a lot of nerve saying that. You have a lot of nerve calling her stupid. I see now that you don't deserve life. You think I am weak! Well guess what, I am going to prove you wrong. I am going to show you how strong and fast I can really be!
Dr. Pipeazoid: I doubt you have the strength to do that.
*Pipeazoid points his blaster at Sonic and fires it. As soon as the shot got close to Sonic, Sonic slaps it away, sending it to another tower, exploding on contact.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What the?! That is not physically impossible?!
*Pipeazoid charges up for another shot. Sonic then suddenly runs to Pipeazoid in no time and punches the blaster as it was firing, causing the blaster to back fire, blowing up half of the arm off.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What?! How did you get over here so...
*Pipeazoid looks at Sonic and noticed something different. Sonic's fur has turn to complete black. His eyes were completely white.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: What is this?!
Sonic: Guess you missed my dark form you sorry low life.
*Sonic begins beating up Pipeazoid's body, knocking him back with each hit. Each hit breaking small parts of the body's armor off and making dents in it. Sonic stopped at the edge of the tower.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: No. This is not possible. It was not suppose to end like this.
Sonic: Yeah. She is supposed to be here to watch you fail.
*Sonic runs towards Dr. Pipeazoid and tackles him, sending both of them over the edge into a free fall. Meanwhile, Shadow has been fighting Azurith, both of the even.*
Shadow: Give up. Sonic is not going to die. Amy will never create the Zuel Blade for you.
Azurith: You think that it is the girl that will create the Zuel Blade? She is just a pawn like Pipeazoid. All I had to say is that Sonic would die trying to save her and tell her that for one to remain, one would have remove itself from the equation.
Shadow: Wait, if Amy wasn't the one you were after, then that would mean... No.
Azurith: Yes. He is the one I need to create the Zuel Blade. It should be happening right about...
*An explosion appears at a tower.*
Azurith: Now!
Shadow: Oh no. What have you done?!
Azurith: The gears have been in motion since you two got here. All I had to do was to tell a few lies. So long, Shadow.
*Azurith jumps back and disappears.*
Shadow: Sonic, I got to snap you out of this, and before Azurith gets to you.
*Shadow takes off to find Sonic. Meanwhile, Mario stopped at a few feet from a doorway with stairs leading up, guarded by Metuids.*
Mario: I guess that is where Pipeazoid is at. If Sonic came through here, those things would be gone, so I guess he is lost. Darn hedgehog giving me a headache from knocking me out. He will pay for that after I kill Pipeazoid.
*The roof from the tower to where Mario was collapsed from Pipeazoid's and Sonic's fall.*
Mario: What the world?!
*The dust clears out. Sonic was standing over Pipeazoid. Pipeazoid's body was so damaged, sparks were flying out of it. The Chaos Emeralds that were shot out of Sonic's hand were laying on the ground with the rubble of the roof. The Metuids retreated, heading to somewhere else in the fortress.*
Mario: My God. What has happened to you Sonic?
*Pipeazoid looks up to see Sonic standing over him.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: How did this happen? I was suppose to win.
Sonic: It happened because you kidnapped her. You should have stayed dead when Mario and Luigi killed you the first time. Now I am going to kill you like it should have been done.
*Above Mario, on the roof, Azurith appears and looks down to see Sonic.*
Azurith: Yes. Now is the time. *takes out his Soul Blade* May the power of darkness take my soul and pass it to a new body to control. *Stabs himself with the Soul Blade and pulls it out, creating a dark orb and grabs it* I choose him to be the new vessel!
*Azurith pushed the orb towards Sonic's direction. As Sonic was getting ready to kill Pipeazoid, the orb hits Sonic, knocking him back off of Pipeazoid. Sonic eyes closed as he lands on his back.*
Mario: What the heck did I just saw?! How did Pipeazoid shoot Sonic off of him?!
(I'll continue the plot on my next post.)


[Holy F*cking Sh*t! I think from this point on, it's going to be nothing but negative twists! This is going to be the best Season Finale, since we had a closure for Season 1.]

Eppes and Dylan were driving as fast as they could to get to the safe house at the beach.

Three men came up the stairs to the safe house and into the living room.

"Find her and kill the others," one of them ordered.

Jared and Susan come out of nowhere from behind the counters and shoots. One man was killed by their gunfire. They duck down as the other two take their shots.

"They got night vision!" Susan said.

"Alright, cover for me," Jared whispered. "I'll get her."

Jared runs across to the other side of the house as Susan shoots at the men. The men miss firing at Jared, as he runs straight to the bathroom. One of the guys, go after Jared. Susan took cover and moved from her spot. Jared shot the one guy who went after him as he goes into the bathroom to get Wendy Vernon.

Back in the living room, the other guy searches for Susan with his night vision on.

Luigi paces in anger again as he couldn't find a way to calm himself down, knowing the angels plan to destroy all of Alex's world, just to get to the Devil. Any minute now, Mario or someone else will probably kill Dr. Pipeazoid, and the first seal will be broken. He wondered how Dr. Pipeazoid became a seal for the Devil's cage. As he tried to think outside of the situation, he could barely remember how their lives were as simple as saving the Mushroom Kingdom. The more he thought about it, the less he realized he was a little hungry. He closes his eyes and wishes for his favorite burger from Toad Town. Upon the table presented two dozens of burgers fresh and on the plate. He grabs one and hopes this could help take his mind off of knowing it will be too late. As he tries to take a bite, somebody grabs him and pins him against the wall with a hand over his mouth. It was Gabriel.

Gabriel looks at him subtly. Luigi nods knowing what he's trying to say. Gabriel is telling him, he's going to rebel.

"Gabriel?" Raphael shouted. "What the hell are you doing?"

Gabriel takes out a board from his tux, which had a sigil on it. He pressed his hand against it, and in a bright light, Raphael vanished from the room.

"What did you do?" Luigi asked.

"We don't have much time Luigi!" Gabriel explained as quick as he could. "They will be after us, and I will lose my power once Michael finds out I'm a fallen angel. I sense Dr. Pipeazoid is still alive. You must run straight and stop anybody there who might kill him."

Gabriel touched Luigi on the shoulder and in an instant, he was in a familiar corridor. He looks around to see Gabriel was not in sight. But not only that, he started to recognize the corridor.

"Castle Death!" Luigi murmured to himself. He tries to remember what Gabriel said to him. "Go straight he said." Luigi didn't know which one of the three ways was straight.

"AH!" somebody screamed down the corridor, which made Luigi look in the direction Gabriel wanted him to go.

"No!" Luigi said as he runs down the corridor, hoping it will lead to Mario or Dr. Pipeazoid.

Alex walks into the computer room where Jon was still searching for Ash.

"Ever since our fight with Dr. Puke-a-zoid, the computer has been acting up lately," Jon said frustrated.

"Could that be a reason why you aren't finding him?" Hayley suggested.

"The thing is, it should work fine," Jon said. "Unless something happened to Ash, there should be no reason for the computer not helping me find him."

Alex watches Jon as he goes over both Ash's world and around Yen Sid's Tower, but still no luck in finding him. Alex suddenly hears a high pitch ringing in his head.

"AH!" Alex screamed getting Jon and Hayley's attention.

"ALEX!" Jon yelled running over to him. "What's wrong? Hayley what's going on?"

"I don't know?" Hayley replied shaking her head.

Alex tries to focus, but the ringing was being forced so violently in his head. "It's Gabriel!"

"What's he saying Alex?" Jon asked.

Alex tried to focus as he hears Gabriel's voice in his head. It repeats again as Alex says it aloud for Jon and Hayley. "Run! They are after you! We are your enemies! They are coming! RUN!"


"Run? Enemies? You don't think he means.." Hayley states.

"Yeah looks like the Angels can't be all that trusted. Like i thought. Come on let's move now before they get here." Jon states as he picks Alex up on to his feet.

"Just when I thought we were out of danger, they pull us right back in. Such goddamn luck we have." Alex laments as he and Hayley run outside while Jon stays in. "Aren't you coming with us?" Alex asks.

"Just keep running ok. I just need to sort some things out here. I'll be close behind." Jon replies as he forces Alex and Hayley out the door and makes them run for it.

Jon then rushedly ran around his base locking up anything the angels could use including the machine and collected a heap of weapons including guns and knives to use for defense.

Jon then locked up the whole base and ran after Alex and Hayley.

"Ok guys take these. You need to defend yourselves and these angels will go down because of the human bodies they take and won't risk showing their true forms to us." Jon explains as he passes guns to both Alex and Hayley who comedy stick them.

"Ok let's keep going. They might be here by now." Alex stated nervous and scared for their safety.


(Nitsua, you just made my day with your opening comment on your post. Don't worry, my part isn't going to end in a negative. If you remember, I brought back a certain character that is going to help. Glad you sent Luigi to stop Mario.)
*Dr. Pipeazoid begins to get up, struggling with the damages done to his body.*
Mario: Pipeazoid!
Dr. Pipeazoid: Oh no. Not you now.
Mario: What have you done to Sonic?
Dr. Pipeazoid: I did nothing to him other than beat him up. I was so close to kill him until that stupid girl killed herself.
Mario: Amy is dead.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Yeah, ruining my plan to get the Zuel Blade. Then he went completely crazy and did this to me. I can't even kill him now, let alone getting up is hard right now.
Mario: Then now is my chance to kill you.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Go ahead. All my plans failed, my own creations have begun to rebel against me, and I could not save Alice from that explosion fifty years ago.
Mario: Alice? You mean Alice Ideasly?
Dr. Pipeazoid: What?! How did you know her name? My invention killed her.
Mario: You really didn't know she was alive?
*Luigi arrives and tackles Mario.*
Luigi: Mario, don't kill him!
Mario: Luigi?! How did you get here?
Luigi: Gabriel sent me here to stop you. I know why the Angels want you or anyone to kill Pipeazoid to start releasing the Devil himself.
Mario: What?! Are you still mad at them for what happened in that surreal world? Cause I am not going to listen to you.
Luigi: No, Rapheal revealed their goal to me. They plan on destroying Alex's home world so that their leader, Michael, wants to kill the Devil.
Mario: What? You mean 'the Devil' ruler of the underworld?
Luigi: Yes, and Pipeazoid's death by you or anyone else is the key to unlocking the first to so many locks that keeps the Devil where he is.
Mario: You're joking.
Luigi: No.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Great. So now you two are not going to kill me a second time.
Luigi: *Finally noticed the area* What happened here?
Mario: Too long of a story, but I want to get revenge on him for killing you. But if what you said is true, then I can't kill billions of innocent lives for just killing one person. I guess we won't kill him. I'm am still confused because Sonic also tried to stop me and knocked me out.
Luigi: Really? Sonic knocked you out?
Mario: Yeah, saying something that Pipeazoid isn't the real enemy.
Luigi: But a victim.
*Shadow arrives just in time to hear the conversation.*
Shadow: That is right.
Dr. Pipeazoid: Oh no. This is getting better by the minute.
Mario: Shadow?! When did you get here?
Shadow: I have been here since Sonic got here. I been fighting the real villain, Azurith.
Mario: Sonic mentioned that name.
Dr. Pipeazoid: The gray haired man with yellow eyes? Why him?
Shadow: You don't remember him. A certain council member that you know of.
Dr. Pipeazoid: What?! He died fifty years ago.
???: Ha ha ha ha ha! You are a fool. I am the same Azurith you shot the arm off of. I have been possessing people for one hundred years in your world. I have lived sixty-five years before that. And now, I have the Ultamate weapon.
*Sonic begins to get up. His fur turns to a dark gray color. He turns around to face everyone and opened his eyes. His eyes were yellow.*
Shadow: Oh no. I am to late to stop him. Azurith.
Azurith-Sonic: Yes. I have the body I need to create the Zuel Blade.
*Azurith sticks his right hand out as two Soul Blades crossing over each other forms in his hand.*
Mario: Two Soul Blades at once?!
Dr. Pipeazoid: You lied to me. The girl was not the key to getting it.
Shadow: And he made sure your portal invention fifty years ago backed fired, causing you to become who you are now.
Azurith-Sonic: And manipulated the vision for Xaria's purpose and starting the war. All of it for this moment. You all played exactly as planned.




"Bacon's Cipher, not a bad guess," Marshall said.

Otacon realizes what this means. "So he made Caesar's List into a voice mail! This is not the first time something like this happened! The same thing coincidentally was done with the Bloodless List!"

"The Bloodless List?" Marshall asked confused.

Otacon stopped to realize he almost gave away something he had to help his friends back in Toad Town find, during the riot and when the Bloodless were exposed, attacking worlds. "It was a cult," he made up.

Back in the safe house, two of the men were dead. Jared gets Wendy out of the bathtub making sure the third man wasn't waiting to shoot them on their way out. However the third man was looking around the main room for Susan. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Susan shined a bright flashlight into his night vision goggles, and knocked him out with her gun.

Otacon grabbed the phone as he dials Wendy Vernon's phone number.

"What he had to do is hack into her voice mail and set up a second account which she had no idea about and couldn't access without-" Otacon cuts himself off as he looks at the two equations connected to equation five with the cake cutting algorithm problem. "Without Isaac it is 3 laws, and with Widget, it is 875!"

Otacon puts the phone down as he clicks on speaker.

"Welcome to Caesar's List," the voice mail said in Rowan Cross' voice. "The following people have been co-opted."

Dylan and Eppes finally arrive at the safe house. Dylan goes to the back with two other agents, as Eppes and three other agents went upstairs to the front. Eppes breaks into the house, as he finds Susan over the unconscious man she knocked out.

"Susan?" Eppes called out.

"I'm fine, but they are after Wendy Vernon!" Susan said frightened from almost getting killed.

"Where's Jared!?" Eppes inquired.

"He went to get Wendy from the bathroom," Susan replied.

"MI-6 Agent Peter Granger of the UK, by the Russians," the voice mail said going through the names of double agents within the government. "UK agent, Andrew Henderson, by the North Koreans. United States Counter Intelligence Agent Nathaniel Pole, by the Chinese-"

"JARED!" Eppes shouted hoping Wendy hasn't been killed.

"-United States FBI Agent Jared Lathigee-" Rowan said as Otacon dropped the pen out of his hand in extreme shock. "-also for the Chinese."

Eppes turns the corner as he sees Jared taking Wendy out the back.

"JARED!" Eppes yelled.

Jared makes his way down the stairs, making sure nobody was going to shoot them on their way down. But then suddenly, the helicopter's light goes right into their eyes.

"Stop right there!" Dylan demanded pointing his gun at Jared.

Wendy grabs on tight to Jared confused on what is going on. She looks up to see Eppes going down the stairs to them with his gun pointed at Jared as well.

"What's going on here?" Wendy murmured frightened.

"Come this way Ms. Vernon," Dylan demanded. Wendy obeys as she goes down to the two other agents. "Hand it over!"

Jared nods. He gave Dylan his gun and puts his hands behind his head for Eppes to handcuff him.

Tim Lemmens:

In the middle of nowhere...

Ash: What is taking Sonic and Shadow so long?
Max: Maybe they haven't finished their battle yet.
Ash: Calm down, May. We're not sure if that happened.
Iris: You know, I'm starting to get bored in here. I really want to go home.
Dawn: Me too.
May: And that's the problem. We can't go home as long as we aren't saved and it's all HIS fault!

May points to Ash.

May: He was too curious and wanted to know why Shadow was in Kanto and look where we are now.
Ash: Okay, I made a mistake and I can not deny that it isn't my fault. It's entirly my fault. I'm sorry I brought you all into this. I want to go home as well.
Max: Maybe they haven't forgotten us. Maybe they're on their way to save us.
Ash: I hope so.
May: We ALL hope so, Max.

(edit: Can someone send me the link to the Super Mario Numb3rs forum? I deleted the message with the link in it, only to realize it too late.)


Dr. Pipeazoid: Why you. I am no one's puppet!
*Pipeazoid gets up and starts running towards Azurith. Azurith sticks his left hand out, causing Pipeazoid to stop all of a sudden.*
Sonic-Azurith: Good thing about my dark powers is that any person I placed the hold of dark feelings, that darkness is under my control. But I no longer need you now, so I will take that darkness from you.
*Azurith turns his hand around to where the palm faced up in the air. Pipeazoid begins screaming as a dark cloud leaves him and goes to Azurith's hand. Azurith closes his hands, destroying the cloud. Pipeazoid falls backwards, passing out from Azurith's trap.*
Mario: Is he dead?
Sonic-Azurith: No. His anger has been removed. Speaking of which, I need the anger of the one who was defeated by the very person I am. Xaria.
*Azurith opens his hand and a dark cloud formed out of no where. He then closes his hand and destroyed the cloud.*
Sonic-Azurith: Oh yes. All the anger and hatered these two had is great to add to my power. But there is one more that I can get here. The very last one I placed the darkness in. Shadow.
*Azurith repeated the process he had done to Pipeazoid on Shadow, causing Shadow to drop to his knees.*
Azurith: I see you gotten strong enough that you wouldn't pass out.
Shadow: Of course. But you now made a huge mistake. You can't stop me without defending yourself.
*Shadow begins charging at Azurith. Azurith swings the Zuel Blade, sending a shock wave at Shadow. The wave hits Shadow, knocking him back.*
Sonic-Azurith: I don't need to defend. All I got to do is attack.
Shadow: Sonic, if you are in there, you must fight him.
Sonic-Azurith: Ha ha ha ha! It is too late. He is far in the darkness. You can't do anything about it.
*A shadowy figure appears behind Azurith. Azurith turns around to see the figure.*
Sonic-Azurith: Ah, the Grim Reaper. Come to collect my soul once again.
*The Grim Reaper swings his scythe at Azurith, only to miss as Azurith dodges using Sonic's speed.*
Grim Reaper: Azurith, release him now and come quietly.
Sonic-Azurith: And give up the control of the Zuel Blade? I don't think so. Do you really want to save this hedgehog, or do you want to get revenge for taking over your body so many years ago, Aeros?
Shadow: Aeros?! You're the first one he possessed?!
Grim Reaper: You robbed me of my old life. Fate gave me a second chance as the face of death.
Sonic-Azurith: Well, it is a good reunion, but I must be off. I must go and create a new world by destroying the one that everyone would least expect their hero to kill them all. So long.
*Azurith disappeared.*


Jared was handcuffed in the interrogation room. Susan and Dylan were watching through the window as Eppes was interrogating him. But this wasn't just any old interrogation they normally do. This was Dylan's partner in crime. Their good loyal friend. One who kept the secret when he found out about alternate worlds. One with a great sense of humor and dignity. One who turned his friend in when he was found out to be a double agent. And now, their partner in crime and good friend has been busted for being a double agent for the Chinese.

"So some old cryptographer makes up a list and leaves it in a voice mail. Are you going to believe him over me?" Jared said pissed they would do this to him. "The guy tried to blow up a bridge!"

"Then where the hell were you taking Wendy Vernon?" Eppes inquired.

"I was moving her out of the fire zone," Jared answered.

"Oh really?" Eppes snapped in denial. "Leaving Susan behind, and taking her out back by yourself? You were going to kill her!"

"No!" Jared replied in shock.

"You were on the list and you knew it!" Eppes yelled.

"Eppes, please-"

"You know what we will have to do tomorrow right?" Eppes said. "We're going to picking through your dirty laundry and your credit cards, and stretch out to any yards to find something we don't know about. Are you really gonna waste more of our time?"

Jared took a while to reply. He thought about the situation and knew what he had to say. "Alright. When Dylan and I went to Rowan Cross' apartment where we found the two bugs, there were three. The Chinese bug was in the sofa cushion, where I put it two months before I became FBI."

"Oh my god!" Susan said in shock nearly tearing.

"I pulled it when Dylan was in the bedroom," Jared said.

"You can't be serious!" Eppes exclaimed in shock.

"DYLAN!" Susan screamed from the other side who chased Dylan who came bursting into the interrogation room.

"Dylan, relax!" Eppes said trying to defend Jared from getting hurt.

"So this is the real you huh!" Dylan yelled. "HOW LONG HAVE YOU BEEN LYING TO US?"

"Since from the beginning Dylan," Jared replied without making eye contact to him. "It's what a spy has to do."

"A spy?" Dylan exclaimed. "YOU ARE NO DAMN SPY! YOU ARE A TRAITOR!"

Susan and Eppes quickly grab onto Dylan and push him out of the room as Jared hears his screams.

"So you save time for yourself on that bridge!" Susan said. "You made sure you exposed the Chinese bug! You wanted to be the one to talk to Nathaniel Pole incase he gave you away! And then you had to make sure you were the one to watch Wendy Vernon at the safe house!"

"So who was the one that poisoned Rowan Cross?" Eppes asked.

"I did," Jared replied making the room cut into complete silence. "I gave him the thallium. But not on my terms. Ever since I put Nathaniel behind bars, I've been keeping track of where he's been held at. I went to see him against your orders, and he wanted me to poison Cross, to set this all in motion. It had to be a slow acting poison. As long as Cross was dead, he wouldn't have been able to lead anyone to the List. This is so if Nathaniel was able to cooperate, he would be able to be put into exile by demand and sent to Beijing if he was no longer seen as a top security threat. Therefore letting him free and I'll continue my life fighting crime."

Eppes and Susan try not to release any emotion out after having to hear the terror of what they had to hear. They both leave the interrogation room in silence. Otacon was watching on the other side. Otacon nods, but can't help but feel guilty for going forward with Rowan Cross' wishes to find the List.

"The attorney general had signed for Nathaniel Cross' exile to China," Susan said. "We have to call them now before it's too late."

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Page 7:

Tim Lemmens:

Geodude dropped on the ground. Fainted.

Gary: The first round is won by Rob.
Rob: Well done, Gardevoir!
Gardevoir: Gardevoir.
Brock: Well done, Rob. But can Gardevoir also stop...ONIX! GO!

Brock throws his Pokéball and Onix pops out.

Rob: Even if she can't, I still have two Pokémon left.
Brock: Good! Bring it on!


Three angels arrived by Jon's base and searched the area.

"They are not here. They must know we were coming for them." The First Angel noted.

"Indeed but that wont help them. They will run but we will find them." The Second Angel replied as he and the others continued moving to find Alex, Hayley and Jon.

Meanwhile Jon was leading the way as Hayley and Alex followed behind.

"Where are we going exactly?" Alex asked.

"To one of the hidden bases I made in this world in case of emergencies. There are about 50 of them in total all around in this world." Jon explained.

"Interesting will it have a copy of the machine?" Hayley asked.

"Nope the machine is hard to copy for every base, so me and David agreed to keep it in the main headquarters. Regardless lets keep moving. Talking will slow us down." Jon stated.

The trio continued following Jon as he saw the waterfall in the distance.

"Ok we're reaching the water fall, so the base should be close by." Jon stated as he kept on running.

Tim Lemmens:

Onix knocked out Gardevoir with his tail. Gardevoir fainted.

Rob: No! Gardevoir!
Gary: It's a tie! One Pokémon down on Brock's side and one Pokémon down on Rob's side!
Rob: Gardevoir! Come back!

A red beam of light came from Rob's Pokéball and sucked Gardevoir back in. Rob then took out another Pokéball and threw it on the field.


Swampert popped out of the Pokéball.

Gary: Next round! Swampert vs Onix!
Delia: *to Oak.* Still no sign of Ash. I'm getting worried.
Oak: How about this? If Rob and Brock have finished their battle, we'll go to Jon and the others in the central universe to see if they've found Ash.
Delia: Okay. I agree with that.


Eppes interrogated Jared more for answers as Susan went to make the phone call. Otacon was however uncertain what to feel, glad or filled with guilt, because he went to find Caesar's List by Rowan Cross' demands. Now Jared is busted as a traitor to his own country. Otacon thanks Marshall for his help as Marshall heads home being the only one to feel glad that he helped solve a terrorist case. For all the good Jared has done, they never saw the bad coming.

Nathaniel Pole was brought out of the army base by the CIA, and the contract was signed for him to be put into exile. But before the CIA could take him away, the FBI pulls up with their vehicles. Susan and Dylan walk up to them with Nathaniel confused on what the heck this is about.

"Let go of that prisoner right now!" Susan demanded.

"The CIA has got this handled!" one of the CIA agents replied rudely.

"Yeah, well here's a legal document signed by the Attorney General," Dylan said holding up the warrant. The CIA looks at the document and nods to the FBI agents.

"Wait, wait! No! You can't do this!" Nathaniel panicked.

"We can and we will!" Dylan snapped as he and Susan take him to one of the FBI cars.

"We had a deal!" Nathaniel yelled. "I'm supposed to be traded to the Chinese!""

"For a slick deal, it's not a bad plan!" Susan said. "You had Cross poisoned from inside prison, exposing the List, and let all hell break lose just so you could make yourself useful. Bargaining down your threat assessment so you could be traded back to Beijing."

"What kind of person told you that?" Nathaniel asked trying to pretend their words are ridiculous. But once the car door opens, he sees Jared sitting inside. "You son of a b¡tch!"

Susan pushes Nathaniel into the vehicle and the door was shut close.

"So for weeks," Nathaniel roared. "Weeks, I don't say anything about you, and you just gave up on me in two days?"

"You tried to kill me," Jared murmured.

"Kill you?" Nathaniel spat. "NO! I TRIED TO HAVE WENDY VERNON KILLED!"

"Just shut the hell up Nathan!" Jared groaned.

Nathaniel just looks at him and makes a sarcastic laugh. "Sure you give up on me! What about the Games?"

Jared opened his eyes from trying to block Nathaniel out.

"Don't forget that I do know Jared!" Nathaniel said. "It's not over."

Jared took a while to reply as two FBI agents come into the car to take them away. "I know. But to tell you the truth Nathan, people know about their existence."


The car drives Jared and Nathaniel away as Susan and Dylan watch the car fade into the night.

"I can't believe this is happening," Dylan murmured trying not to cry.

"I don't know how much more longer I can take this," Susan whimpered as she goes back to the car.


(Woah! Jared was a double agent the whole time! I thought he had amnesia. No wonder you said negative twists for this finally.)
Shadow: He's gone.
Mario: Ok, who is Aeros and why is the Grim Reaper here?
Grim Reaper: I am here for Azurith. And Aeros was once me, before my death.
Shadow: He was one of three people that wielded a Soul Blade about a hundred years ago in his world. *points at Pipeazoid* They fought Azurith. All three died, but why are you like this?
Grim Reaper: When I died, part of me remained with Azurith. The rest is what you see. What happened here?
Shadow: Pipeazoid kidnaps Amy to lure Sonic in a battle.
Mario: He said Amy killed herself to save Sonic.
Grim Reaper: Causing him to lose himself to the darkness. Thus he would be acceptable to be possessed by Azurith.
Luigi: This is bigger than we thought.
Shadow: I have to stop him.
Grim Reaper: Are you going to kill Sonic to stop him?
Shadow: Whatever the cost is to do so.
Grim Reaper: I think I have a better solution. If Sonic can snap out of it, he can defeat Azurith within himself, forcing Azurith out of his body, but it could kill him as well.
Mario: How would that help?
Grim Reaper: It was exactly what happened to Ballade. But there is a way to prevent that from happening. If those who really care for him stays by his side and calls him, he will be saved.
Luigi: The only one who has that much care is... Amy.
Grim Reaper: Then we got some work ahead of us. I must be off. I know where Azurith is heading. I will join you when it is time for me.
*The Grim Reaper disappeared. Shadow goes around and grabs the Chaos Emeralds.*
Shadow: Come on you two. We have to get to Station Square.
Mario: What? Why us?
Shadow: Because I am going to need all the help I can get without getting too many involved.
Luigi: Ok.
*They head for the portal to leave. Pipeazoid wakes back up.*
Dr. Pipeazoid: Oh, my head. Where am I? *looks at his hand* I remember. I killed everyone in my world. I created this place. I died and was brought back. I am a monster. But that weapon that formed. It will destroy million of innocent people lives along with the universe. I got to help stop that from happening.
*Pipeazoid gets up and starts heading off. Somewhere in the afterlife, Amy was in a line of people stopping at a golden gate.*
Amy: I guess for killing myself, I ain't going through.
*The person infront of her passed through.*
Gate keeper: Name?
Amy: Amy Rose.
*The gate keeper looks through his book.*
Gate keeper: You were not suppose to die until you were very old.
Amy: I did it to save Sonic.
Gate keeper: What? He isn't suppose to die until he is an old man.
Amy: But I was told he would die trying to save me and it almost happened.
Gate keeper: Well my book says different. I hate to say it, but you shall go to...
???: Stop!
*Everyone turns to see the Grim Reaper.*
Gate keeper: Oh great. What is it now?
Grim Reaper: She is not going anywhere but back to the land of the living.
Gate keeper: Ugh. Why are you ruining the process now. You are only ment to bring souls to here, not the other way around.
Grim Reaper: I didn't bring this one. She was also tricked into killing herself. Sonic is in danger as of now, possessed by Azurith.
Gate keeper: What?! The one you have been chasing for the longest time? He is involved with this.
Grim Reaper: Yes. Told her to kill herself to save Sonic, Sonic loses it and falls to the darkness, allowing Azurith to possess him. He is in danger.
Gate keeper: This is serious. What do you suggest we do about this.
Grim Reaper: We use the heart.
Gate keeper: Oh come on. We just got it back after the whole incident from down there.
Grim Reapear: Bring it up. Her body is gone and I can't bring her back to the living like you said.
Gate keeper: Ok, hold on for a moment.
(I know it seemed a bit rushed, but I am going to get this done before this chapter ends.)

Tim Lemmens:

(I love it. A great afterlife conversation.)

Back in the middle of nowhere...

Ash: I have an idea!
Iris: What sort of idea?
Ash: An idea to get out of here.
Dawn: Really?
May: How do we get out of here?
Ash: I'm not sure if it will work, but maybe it will.
Dawn: Explain!
Ash: This world was created to lock up people. It probably protected against magical powers, but, whoever created it, never thought or realized that there might be Pokémon trainers trapped in here.
Dawn: So?
Ash: So, maybe we can use our Pokémon to attack the walls around us.
Pikachu: Pika Pika!
Iris: Hmm...It could work.

Iris pulls Axew out of her hair.

Iris: Axew, you're going to help us get out of here!
Ash: So will you, Pikachu!
Max: Go! Henry!
May: Blaziken! I choose you!
Dawn: Go! Piplup!


The trio eventually reached the cliff nearby the waterfall as they hid behind some trees and bushes.

"Alright we're taking a quick break here and then we're going to traverse down the waterfall's side to the other base, which the angels hopefully wont reach." Jon stated as he sat down, almost out of breath.

"I hope you're right. Cause I have a bad feeling about this." Hayley replied, still showing concern.

"Regardless we need to keep on going, not just for ourselves but also for Mario, Luigi and everyone else. They're depending on us to help them anyway we can and we can't let these angels stop us." Alex stated trying to instill hope amongst them.


The three angels continued moving across the Central Universe as they saw the waterfall from afar.

"Do you suppose they'll be nearby that waterfall? I sense the presence of the prophet nearby it."

"Perhaps, it is worth a look."

"Alright let's move on."

The three angels then move towards the direction of the waterfall.

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Tim Lemmens:

Ash: C'mon, Pikachu! Try another Iron Tail!

Pikachu uses Iron Tail on the wall.

May: I think it's not working we...
Dawn: Ssh! Did you hear that?
May: Hear what?
Dawn: Be quiet!

They listen. A sound is heard as if something is breaking. It's the wall.

Ash: It's working. We did it.

The wall breaks and a light shines trough it.

Ash: The light will probably take us to our freedom! C'mon!

Ash runs into the light and a second later he stands in a forest. Pikachu appears behind him and so do the others and their Pokémon.

Ash: We're free. But where are we now?


*A few moments passed.*
Gate keeper: Ok, here it is. This is going to cost you now.
Grim Reaper: Put it on Greg's tab.
Gate keeper: Ha! He is going to kill you for that.
Grim Reaper: How? I am already dead. Besides, it was his fault this heart got used the last time. He let Ryder Bacon use it. I had to reap him a second time when he died by those Bloodless hands.
Gate keeper: does she know how to use it, cause he didn't.
Grim Reaper: Right. Listen Amy, this heart can bring back people from the dead completely. Now it was never ment to be use until someone actually touched it. One of the problems with it is unless you know where you want to go, it sends you to anywhere with out you knowing where you are. He ended up in a corn field, in his birthday suit by the way.
Amy: What?!
Grim Reaper: You heard me. That is why I am telling you. If you think of where you want to be, then it will send you there.
Amy: So if I think of going home, it will send me there?
Grim Reaper: Yes. Sonic needs you to save him. Azurith may have fooled you to killing yourself, but you will have the element of suprise when you show up.
Amy: Why are you helping me for?
Grim Reaper: Let's just say that I have a personal issue with him.
Amy: Ok.
*Amy used the heart. Back in Station Square, Azurith been attacking. Shadow, Mario, and Luigi arrived.*
Shadow: Azurith! Stop this now!
Sonic-Azurith: You are very persistent, Shadow. This world will be the perfect beginning for my new empire. I think I will make those two plumbers' world my next addition to my empire.
Luigi: What?!
Mario: We won't let you!
Sonic-Azurith: You can't touch me. You think you can stop me?
Shadow: But I can keep up. Sonic, if you are in there, I am giving you one last chance to fight him. If you don't, then I will have to kill you without hesitation.
Luigi: *whispers* Shadow, remember the plan.
Sonic-Azurith: Sonic is no more. It is just me, Azurith. You cannot win Shadow. Prepare to finally die.
*Shadow and Azurith begins to fight.*
Mario: Luigi, do you have any ideas what to do to help, cause I got nothing right now.
Luigi: I got nothing either, but how about we sneak around and grab him from behind.
Mario: Sounds good to me.
(Is it ok if we end up on page 48? At the rate these posts are going, I might not get done by the end of 47.)


Jon, Hayley and Alex got out from the hiding spot in the bushes and ran towards the hidden base across the edge of the cliff.

As they ran, the three angels noticed the trio running.

"There is the prophet and his friends. Get them!" One of the angels commanded and they ran towards them.

Jon looked behind them as he saw the angels approach them.

"CRAP! Run run run. We need to get away fast." Jon commanded as he grabbed out his gun and shot at the angels.

The angels dodge Jon's shots and continue moving towards them.

Eventually the trio hit a dead end and are cornered by the angels. Jon instantly walks in front of Hayley and Alex, protecting them as he holds up his gun at the angels.

"Give up the prophet now and we promise there will be no harm or problems." one of the angels claimed.

"NO! We're not letting you use Alex for your dubious plans. Stop all this now or I will shoot all of you and make you unleash your true forms." Jon boasted as he aimed his gun towards the lead angel's head.

"So this is how you want it? *smirks* I'll let it be." the angel replies as he lifts his hand.

Suddenly Jon and Hayley collapse on to the ground in pain.

"What are you doing them?" Alex yelled.

"We are torturing them through their minds." one of the angels explains.

"STOP IT!" Alex demands.

"Only if you come with us." the other angel states intently.

"Don' it Alex. We'll be...fine" Jon states as he fights the pain.

Tim Lemmens:

Iris: This forest seems to be endless.
Ash: Hopefully we're not in the Lost Woods in Hyrule. But it doesn't seem like it.
Dawn: How can you be so sure.
Ash: It's dark in here. And creepy. Somehow this place gives me the shivers.
May: But where do you think we are?
Ash: Honestly?
May: Yes.
Ash: I'm not quite certain, but I believe this creepy forest is part of the Forbidden Realm.
Dawn: The realm Jon told about?
Ash: Yes.
Iris: What makes you think so, Ash?
Ash: Well, there is that sign over there that says: "FORBIDDEN REALM - NO EXIT"
May: Oh no! We're never get home again!


[For some reason, I think I should be saying that having Ash in the Forbidden Realm jumps the shark, and this is the point where I bring back the nitpicking Austin that I was in the past chapters. But to be honest, I think that really works to my expectations on what I thought you wanted to teach Ash. A lesson that there's a reason he should stop sticking his nose in every circumstance, worried something will happen, ever since his father's death back in Season 1. After finding out about the Forbidden Realm, it proves he has an obsession over anything, and thinks he could do something about it. So in a way, I think it surpasses my expectations on teaching Ash a lesson and getting it into his head that he played his part in the Bloodless War, and if he's more concerned on what should be somebody else's problem, he's only getting to get himself and his friends in more trouble. I'm not sure if this is Yen Sid/your intentions, but that's the way I see it! The only thing I will nitpick is how convenient it was to have a "FORBIDDEN REALM - NO EXIT" sign in a realm no one has ever been to before. But then again, maybe that might be Yen Sid's message, or someone from their realm has journeyed to the Forbidden Realm before Jon and his mentor David has. If the Season ends with Ash trapped there, that would leave an awesome ending to continue in the next Season. Considering what JR and I have discussed to happen in this chapter.]

Alex reluctantly steps forward towards the angels.

"Alex!" Jon moans from the pain. "Don't! You heard what Gabriel said! Run!"

Alex was so still. There was no place to run, but towards the angels. He could jump off the cliff and into the big ravine. But even if it was hard to determine if the water is shallow enough to kill him, the angels could possibly revive him again.

"There's no where to run Jon!" Alex countered. "I have no choice!"

"Alex no!" Jon moaned.

Hayley tried to use her psychic powers, but the angels have completely blocked her from connecting to anybody. She starts to realize her powers were draining fast, and she couldn't sense where Alex was standing anymore. "My powers! They're gone!"

Alex walks slowly towards the angels as they release their hold of Jon and Hayley.

"I hope you angels go screw yourselves!" Alex roared in a mumble. "Gabriel has already given me the story. You plan to release the Devil. Well I hope when he rises, he'll screw you up!"

[I'm using "screw" as a censored profanity.]

One of the angels walk up to Alex. Alex dared not move. Because someone has told him he would arrive.

Out of nowhere, a blinding light came shining through the angel's eyes. He dropped to the ground dead as Gabriel takes out a blade he impaled into him.

"Gabriel!" one of the angels exclaimed taking out his angel blade. He tries to attack Gabriel, but Gabriel uses his power to hold control of the angel and stabs him through the jaw.

Jon helps Hayley up, who has now become a tortured blind powerless person. The third angel comes up to them and uses his telekinesis to fly Jon and Hayley right off the cliff.

"NO!" Jon screamed.

"NO!" Alex screamed as he watches Jon and Hayley plummet down into the ravine below. "JON! HAYLEY!"

Jon tries to grab onto Hayley who couldn't see where she was going to fall. But she was in greater distance than he was. And it was too late.

The angel turns around to look at Gabriel who saw what he did with a trauma look on his face.

"Our father would not have approve of this!" Gabriel roared.

"Our father is dead Gabriel!" the angel replied back. "And too be honest, I don't give a rat's ***."

Gabriel throws the blade right into the angel's chest killing him instantly.

Alex runs nearer to the cliff trying to see any sight of Jon and Hayley.

"GABRIEL! SAVE THEM!" Alex shouted.

Gabriel falls to the ground coughing.


"I've rebelled," Gabriel said. "I was meant to have no position of killing, and now my power is draining."


"I can't!" Gabriel murmured. "But I can do this."

Gabriel places his palm on Alex's chest which suddenly felt like he was cut on the inside.

"What did you do?" Alex asked.

"You have been shielded from any power of Heaven being able to find you," Gabriel replied. "Alex! You must run! Run and don't go back to your world, or any others you've been to! The angels will be looking for you!"

Alex couldn't reply to Gabriel. He drops to the ground being unable to move his body. There's no way Jon and Hayley could have survived. They're dead.

"But you must also destroy the main computer," Gabriel said. "They can find you through there as well. Whatever you do Alex, make it quick! And don't look back!"

Gabriel touches Alex's shoulder and he was instantly brought back to the main computer room. But everything was not okay. Alex faces trauma now that his best friends are dead. He tried to move, but his body was barely letting him. Alex tries to fight through it trying to tell himself, "it's over Alex! Get ahold of yourself!" Alex drops himself into Jon's seat hoping he can find Jon and Hayley through the computer. His mind set was not on getting out right now. He had to find out if Jon and Hayley survived. He figures out the controls and goes over to the ravine where Jon and Hayley fell. There was a sign of Gabriel being shown still by that cliffside, weak and trying to get himself to move. He then pans from a bird's eye view along the river down below. But despite being able to get the entire ravine in sight, there were no signals of Jon and Hayley being tracked by the computer. Alex hoped there was an explanation for why their names weren't showing up. Or unless this means what he doesn't want to know.

Jon and Hayley are dead.

Tim Lemmens:

(Well, I was planning to have Ash, Iris, Dawn, May & Max being stuck in the forbidden realm. In case of the sign, let's do what you said, Austin. Someone's been there before and placed that sign there to warn others.)

Ash: On one side, I want to know what's so dangerous about the forbidden realm...
May: ASH!
Iris: You have put yourself, and us, in enough danger already.
Dawn: Yeah. And...

But Ash holds out his hand to silence his friends.

Ash:...but on the other hand, I realize what trouble I've put ourselves in for the last few minutes, hours or days. Boy, being stuck in the middle of nowhere makes you forget what time it is. Plus the time differentials in other worlds makes it even more complicated. Maybe we should go back.
Iris: How?
Ash: We get back into the light and...
Iris: ASH! The light isn't here anymore. There's no portal at all over here.
Max: We're stuck!
Ash: Son of Charmander! We should've stayed where we were. How will they ever find us now?
Iris: I don't know, Ash.
May: None of us does.
Dawn: And it's all YOUR fault.
Pikachu: PIKA PI!
Ash: *sighs.* I know.


*The battle was short as Azurith used every trick he had against Shadow. Mario and Luigi sneaked around and tried to grab Azurith. Azurith teleports behind the Mario Bros. and swinged his Zuel Blade, sending a shock wave hitting them.*
Mario: Ow!
Luigi: I thought the Soul Blade couldn't hurt us?
Shadow: In order to destroy and create worlds, the Zuel Blade bends the rules. No wonder why he wanted it.
Sonic-Azurith: You all are too weak. There is no way you can stop me. Not even a miracle can save you now.
???: Stop!
*Azurith turns around to see Amy.*
Shadow: Looks like he did it. She is back alive.
Sonic-Azurith: No. Impossible! You're suppose to be dead!
*Amy ran over and grabs him.*
Amy: Sonic, you got to fight him.
Sonic-Azurith: Let go of me. I am in con... Augh!
*Azurith grabs his head as if he was having a migraine. He closed his eyes and when they reopened, they were back to Sonic's eyes.*
Sonic: Amy...
Amy: That's right Sonic. Fight him.
*Azurith's eyes turned back to his.*
Sonic-Azurith: No! His body is mine! Get off of me!
*Azurith knocks Amy off of him. He gets ready to strike her. He was stopped by Shadow, blocking the attack.*
Shadow: Sonic, if you are in there, fight him. He is going to kill everyone you care about. Tails, Knuckles, Mario, Luigi, and even Amy. You saw her here and now. You even felt her. He tricked her into killing herself just so he can control you. The Grim Reaper brought her back so you can fight back. Now do it!
Sonic-Azurith: Aeros?! That is how she is back?! Well played Shadow. You distract me long enough for him to do that.
Shadow: Actually, I didn't care about his plan. I was going to stop you no matter what.
Amy: I am going to help as much as possible.
Mario: Luigi, I think it is safe to say that we aren't going to be as much help as we thought.
Luigi: I agree. But we can get everyone away from here while this is going on.
Mario: Good idea.
*Mario and Luigi begins to go around and getting anyone away from the battle as Shadow and Amy fights Azurith. Meanwhile, within Sonic's subconscious, Sonic was on a platform in the middle of nothing but darkness. Azurith then appears infront of him.*
Sonic-Azurith: I can't let you go on.
Sonic: And I can't let you continue doing this. I am not going to let you destroy my world.
Sonic-Azurith: If you get rid of me, you will die. I have become your dark half. One cannot exist without both halves.
Sonic: If it means to stop you, I would rather die then let you win.
Sonic-Azurith: So be it. Prepare to lose yourself to the darkness for all eternity.
*Sonic and Azurith begins fighting.*
(I might get my part done in hopefully two or three more posts.)


Alex just stood there for a whole minute, shaken by this all.

"They can't be dead, they can't be." he thought quietly.

Without them he wouldn't have made it so far in such a massive world, or worlds for that matter.

Alex then instantly got up and searched the whole base, collecting a backpack and filling it up with food, weapons and any other supplies he'd need.

As he went through all of Jon's weapons, he saw a bomb and remembered Gabriel's words:

"But you must also destroy the main computer, They can find you through there as well."

Realising what he must do, Alex went towards the machine and turned it off. He then attached the bomb to it and set it to go off in 2 minutes.

Alex quietly looked at the base for a few seconds remembering the good times he's had with Hayley and Jon before quietly leaving the base, walking off.

After reaching a safe distance the bomb went off, completely obliterating the machine and anything surrounding it.

"If Jon was still alive I bet he'd be really pissed about this." Alex remarked to himself, hoping to crack himself up. It didn't work.

As the debris of the machine and base spread around the Central Universe from the wind, Alex walked off wondering where he would go now.

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 2, Chapter 7: DARK REVELATION
PostPosted: Tue Jan 03, 2017 1:37 am 
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Page 8:

Tim Lemmens:

Brock Crobat fell against the ground.

Gary: And that finishes this battle. Rob has beaten all three of Brock's Pokémon. Well done, Rob.
Brock: Well done indeed. Here, I have something for you.

Brock walked up to Rob and handed him a small grey badge that had the form of a rock.

Rob: Is this...?
Brock: Yes. It's the boulderbadge. I know this isn't really a gym. But this is the battle you were meant to have in my gym, so you deserve the badge.
Rob: Great. Now I can go off to Cerulean City to fight for the next badge.

Rob happily ran out of Oak's garden and ran back towards route 1.

Brock: I wish him good luck. Misty is tough fighter.
Delia: Now that the battle is over, can we go the Central Universe and try to find Ash and the others.
Oak: Of course, Delia. That's what we promised.
Gary: We're all going.
Cilan: Yeah.

The five people made their way to the portal leading to the Central Universe, but they couldn't get in.

Cilan: Why can't we go in?
Oak: Someone locked it.
Delia: Why would they do that?
Oak: There must be something wrong in the Central Universe. I think they locked the portal for our own safety.
Delia: But if Ash is in there, he can't get out.
Gary: Maybe he took another portal and ended up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Let's have look there.
Delia: Okay.


*As the battle goes on, Mario and Luigi was getting everyone out of the battle field. While doing this, they saw someone coming towards the battle.*
Luigi: Is that who I think it is?
Mario: Dr. Pipeazoid?!
*Pipeazoid was walking towards them. The damage do to his body was patched up for a temporary fix. His right arm was still being worked on.*
Mario: What are you doing here?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Out of my way. I have to stop Azurith from using that Zuel Blade.
Luigi: Why?
Dr. Pipeazoid: He created it incorrectly. It is unstable. If it goes critical, this whole universe will be destroyed and nothing will replace it.
Mario: And why should we trust you, Pipeazoid?
Dr. Pipeazoid: Don't call me that. That monster is no more. My name is Eric Bright.
Mario: I don't care what you call yourself, you caused so much pain and suffering. You even tried to kill me and my brother.
Eric: I know what wrong I did, and I know I can't go back and change that. I never wanted any of this to happen. But if I could do something that can change my fate in the afterlife, I would do it now. And to start, I want to say, I'm sorry.
Luigi: Those are two words I never would have heard from him.
Mario: What about Sonic? Look at what has happened to him now.
Eric: I know that it was my fault that lead him to this, but I know he can over come this. But that sword has got to go somewhere else.
Luigi: How do you know if that sword is unstable?
Eric: I studied everything about the Soul Blade and all the myths and legends behind it. Six of light and fifteen of darkness clashed in battle suppose to create it.
Mario: You're saying he made it by an illegal process?!
Eric: Exactly. Forcing one of light together with one of darkness is not right.
Mario: Is what we are doing going to matter by what you have said?
Eric: Getting everyone away from the battle? No. When that sword goes off, nothing is safe. That is why it has to be moved to another world, and I know where is the best place to move it. Castle Death.
Luigi: Why there?
Eric: All of the Metuids are there. Take them all out in one shot.
Mario: Wait, they're your creations. You are going to destroy them all!
Eric: I actually built a fail safe in them, but the device I made in my left arm that activates it was destroyed by Sonic. This is the only option in doing so, even if it means dying to do so.
Luigi: But you can't do that! The Angels will...
Eric: That's if you two or anyone else kill me. Nothing about self sacrifice.
Mario: He does have a point on that. But if he has really changed, that is not good.
Eric: You two already killed me and I was supposed to be dead when I lost my real body. I was never ment to live. I am ending it today.
*Mario and Luigi stood there in silence. Meanwhile, within Sonic's subconscious, Sonic and Azurith has fought a long battle.*
Sonic-Azurith: I grow tired of this. It is time to finish this. Prepare to lose yourself to the darkness!
Sonic: I will never give into the darkness again!
*Sonic and Azurith charged at each other and clashed swords. They begin to just run in place, not going anywhere.*
Sonic-Azurith: You know you can't stop me. It is pointless to try.
Sonic: I will never give up!
*Sonic starts to build up speed, pushing Azurith back.*
Sonic-Azurith: What?! This can't be happening!
*Sonic knocks Azurith in the air. (Play Reach for the Stars or some kind of epic music) Sonic then runs back and forth, hitting Azurith each time he passed by. Azurith went up into the air. Sonic charges up for a light speed attack and timed it to attack Azurith before he touched the ground. Azurith flew back, letting go of the Zuel Blade. Azurith soon disappeared and the Zuel Blade dissolved into nothing. (End music) Sonic then drops to his knees, then flat on the ground.*
Sonic: I guess this is it.
*Meanwhile, back at the battle in Station Square, Amy and Shadow continues to fight Azurith.*
Sonic-Azurith: You can't hope to stop me now. I will be vic...
*Azurith starts screaming, grabbing his head as if an unbearable pain came over him. A bright light soon flashed from the Zuel Blade, knocking him away from it. The Zuel Blade froze in place. Azurith lands on his back. Suddenly, a dark orb comes out. Sonic's body returns to normal.*
Shadow: Sonic did it. He knock Azurith back out of him.
Azurith: No! This can't be happening! The Zuel Blade is mine!
*The orb begins to move towards the Zuel Blade, only to be stopped by the sudden appearance of the Grim Reaper.*
Azurith: Aeros!
Grim Reaper: Azurith, you have cheated death for long enough. It is now time for you to go to where you belong.
*The Grim Reaper takes the Scythe and sticks the blade into the orb.*
Azurith: Wait, Aeros! The Zuel Blade is right there. We can undo everything. You can be alive again.
Grim Reaper: I don't care about being alive. My death was caused because of you. I can finally put my past behind me now. Remember this: Fear not for whom the bell tolls.
Azurith: No! Don't do this!
Grim Reaper: It tolls for thee.
*The Grim Reaper yanks on the Scythe, destroying the orb completely. Azurith was finally dead.*
Amy: Sonic!
*Amy runs past the Grim Reaper to head over to Sonic.*
Amy: Sonic, please wake up. You can't die now. We have a future together. You just can't die. Please, get up.
*Shadow heads over to check on them. The Grim Reaper disappears, no longer needed there.*
Shadow: Come on Sonic. You have friends who still needs you.
Amy: Sonic!
*Sonic eyes opened up. His eyes were green.*
Sonic: Ugh... Amy...
Amy: Sonic! You're alright!
*Sonic sits up as Amy hugs him.*
Sonic: Man that was weird. I was lost in a dark place, then a bright light shined and I heard her voice calling me.
Shadow: The Grim Reaper was right. Amy saved your life for once.
(Not done yet.)


[Well that made the awesome Sonic music short. I didn't get to the best part.] [Conclusion Music for the FBI plot and Alex]

Alex tried to get himself to move naturally and be able to breathe comfortably. But the loss of Jon and Hayley was still unbearable. The backpack was filled with simple weapons, food, water, clothing, and a sleeping bag. The stuff comes from several worlds, so he was able to fit it all in a bag. He also brought an electronic map which indicates where all portals are in every world, where they lead to, and what to do to make the portal appear or accessible. He knows there's no turning back. The longer he stays here, the sooner the angels will find him.

Eppes in the FBI office stands outside of the interrogation room looking at the table inside where he interrogated Jared. Jared was one of their best agents, if not, the best. And now he's going to be handled by the government. Possibly getting the death penalty or life time imprisonment. Nathaniel on the other hand will be getting the death penalty for sure. There's no denying it. Eppes takes out an ejected disc containing the whole footage of Eppes' interrogation with Jared. He makes sure not to be seen as he takes the burned disc with him to look at later.

Otacon watches Rowan Cross as he tries to spiritually tell him through his coma that they found the List, and his motive is complete. Otacon felt so sorry for him. If it weren't for Rowan Cross, Jared may have done something worse than poison a man and betray his country giving the Chinese information within the American government. This man deserves so much more than what he gave to his country. After an hour passes, Rowan Cross was pronounced dead. Eppes came in at the last minute to witness the death of Rowan Cross.

"He deserved so much more than what he got," Otacon murmured.

"Yeah," Eppes agreed. "I guess to him, whatever he couldn't achieve in life, he-"

Eppes cuts himself off as Otacon finishes his sentence. "-then he could have it in death."

Eppes nods as he and Otacon watch Rowan Cross be taken out to the morgue. They leave the hospital and head out towards their own way home.

Alex took a deep breath trying to forget about Jon and Hayley and come to accept that his life is over. And now he's being used as a weapon that needs to be in hiding. He was no human being to the angels. If anything, he was an object to them. An object that needs to be in exile. For possibly the rest of his life. Alex choses a portal and plans out a route to get to the next portal. So if the angels were to search any of them in the Central Universe, then he would be far off from their reach. Alex took a deep breath and dared not to look back. He slowly walks forward into the portal and enters into the next world.

Tim Lemmens:

Delia, Oak, Gary, Cilan and Brock arrived in the Mushroom Kingdom. They saw Wario and Waluigi walking over a path close-by. They run up to them.

Brock: Hey, guys. Have you seen Ash around here lately?
Wario: No.
Gary: Did someone else see him around here?
Wario: No. Nobody did. If Ash was here, we surely would've known, because our garage, where me and Waluigi live, is close to where this portal is located.
Waluigi: We haven't seen Ash since the Mudkip incident.
Delia: *whispers.* I've got a bad feeling about this.
Oak: Could he be in any other world.
Wario: Well, I don't think so. I mean, there are not that many portals in your world from what I've heard. If he is not in any of them, then I don't know where he is.
Delia: Oh no.
Wario: Sorry.


Crying, Delia returns back with the others to Kanto. They arrive back in Pallet Town and Oak takes Delia home again. Brock, Gary and Cilan watch them.

Brock: Where are you, guys?

Inside, Delia starts to cry even harder. Oak stands by her side, but doesn't exactly know what to say. Mr. Mime is just standing there, confused.

Meanwhile, Ash and the gang are making their way trough the Forbidden realm.

Ash: This is hopeless. We never get out of here. We're lost! And it's all my fault!

(And this is where this part ends.)


*The Zuel Blade started to create lightening out of it.*
Shadow: The Zuel Blade is going critical.
Sonic: It is going to destroy this world. I am not going to let that happen.
*Sonic gets up and charges at it. Shadow and Amy joins him in stopping it. A shock wave comes out of the Zuel Blade, knocking them back.*
Sonic: What happened?
Shadow: It must be powerful to knock anything light weight back.
Amy: What are we going to do?
*Across the road, Mario, Luigi, and Eric watches the struggle.*
Eric: This is it. It is time to end it.
*Eric finishes repairing his arm and placed the bracelet on it.*
Luigi: That looks like what Ash had when we fought Xaria.
Eric: I recreated it. This is how I am going to do this.
*Eric begins to head towards the Zuel Blade.*
Amy: Is that who I think it is?
Shadow: It is.
Sonic: He's still after it!
*Sonic starts running to stop Eric. Mario and Luigi starts running to stop him.*
Mario: Sonic, stop!
Luigi: He is trying to save your world!
*Sonic stopped at Eric. Eric grabs the Zuel Blade. The energy coming from the Zuel Blade starts destroying the temporary fixes on Eric's body.*
Sonic: Save it?! Pipeazoid is not going to save this world!
Eric: My name is Eric, not Pipeazoid.
*Sonic looks at Eric, shocked to hear him calling himself by his real name.*
Sonic: What?
Eric: I know I caused you so much pain. I can't take what I have done back, but I can do something that can change my fate. I am sorry for causing this mess.
*Eric opens up a portal and begins walking towards it, the Zuel Blade slowly moving from it's spot. Everyone watches as Eric goes through the portal with the Zuel Blade. The portal closes behind.*
Sonic: He has been freed from his curse. I hope he knows what he is doing.
*At Castle Death, Eric arrives and lets go of the Zuel Blade. He walks a few feet away from it.*
Eric: I hope this will change my fate. If only I can see her again, then I know that I made the right choice. I am going to die, knowing that I made my own choice instead of someone else's spell choosing my path. Goodbye, everyone.
*The Zuel Blade explodes, engulfing everything there. The world ceased to exist. Back in Station Square, Amy and Shadow's Soul Blades disappeared.*
Amy: My Soul Blade is gone.
Shadow: So is mine.
*Sonic tries to get his out, but it did not come.*
Sonic: I guess they are no longer need. He took out all the Metuids. But why do I have a feeling that he isn't coming back again?
Mario: Because he made sure that he wouldn't come back. He ended it now.
Luigi: He wanted to die.
Sonic: Go out as a hero. That is a way to go.
*Mario then go and punched Sonic in the face.*
Sonic: Ow! Why you do that for?!
Mario: That is for knocking me out back there, even if I did deserved it.
Sonic: Guess I did deserve that. So we are even.
Mario: Yeah.
*The sun was beginning to set and everyone watched it.*
Luigi: So I guess everything will go back to normal.
Sonic: After everything that has happened, what would be normal.
Shadow: I guess what we make it.
Amy: So what now?
*A flyer was blowing through the wind and got caught on Mario's leg. Mario grabs and reads it.*
Mario: The Strongest Universe Warrior Tournament.
Sonic: Those things been all over town these last few days. Someone was suppose to announce it today. I ran into some girl who was going to it. That was after Shadow left me behind when we were going to meet Yen Sid.
Amy: How about we enter? I can use my old boxing gloves for it.
Sonic: Yeah. It does sound like a good friendly competition.
Mario: I'm in.
Luigi: We can see if anyone else would like to join us.
Shadow: I am not wasting my time with some tournament. I got to get back to work.
Mario: Well, we got three months to prepare according to this. We can train for it as well.
Sonic: Good idea.
*Shadow turns around to leave, only to see Riku coming towards them.*
Shadow: Riku, what are you doing here?
Riku: Yen Sid sent me to get you and Sonic again. Apparently, a certain Pokemon trainer threaten to destroy his tower for information on what you two had to deal with.
Shadow: Darn it Brock. I told you to not tell Ash.
Sonic: We can use Chaos Control to get there fast, but I lost mine.
Shadow: I got them. Figured it was best to return them to you.
Sonic: Thanks. Let's go.
Mario: Yeah. We better check on the Princess.
Luigi: I agree. It has been too long.
Sonic: See you guys three months from now.
*Everyone went their separate ways.*
(End of my part)
[End of case]
[End of Season 2]
[To be continued in Season 3]


Thank You For Reading The Second Season of Super Mario NUMB3RS!

We hope you enjoyed the story for this long and are willing to continue on to the next Season!

But before you carry on, we have just a few things to say.

Thank you Richard Michael Alvarez and the RMA crew for inspiring the idea of making great Super Mario and video game parodies! We were not the only ones to be inspired.

Thank you NethaEmerald for giving us a second chance when you locked the first Season way back in the first chapter. No hard feelings :coolmario:

And Thank You Richalvarez Fan Forums for being the place to write the first two Seasons! It was an awesome run, and it's a shame the forums have become a ghost town. But even if everything alive is dead, a new era can be reborn from the ashes.

The first two Seasons will always be here for us to look back and see how much we've evolved and developed from the days of old.

Super Mario NUMB3RS officially has a forum of its own!
On this new forum, we will be continuing the story and expanding on more ideas for knowledge, understanding, and being entertained when times seem dark.

But if you haven't had enough of Season 2 yet, you can read our commentaries here:

Thank You For Reading! :coolmario:

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