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 Post subject: The Mephiles Years - Prologue
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 3:48 am 
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Professor Fuji (Recording): Years ago, I preformed my first breakthrough experiment. The first succeeded attempt to clone a Pokémon. It was a clone of the legendary Pokémon Mew. We called our clone: Mewtwo. The original plan was that he was going to join us, Team Rocket, in a plan of world domination. It didn't exactly go as planned. Many of my staff was immediatly killed when our newborn clone blew up the lab and escaped. I thought my end was near as well and recorded another message telling people how this experiment was a mistake and that Mewtwo needs to be stopped. Luckily, I survived and Mewtwo hasn't been heard from since. No news reports seems to have surfaced about any terrible destructions caused by this particular Pokémon, so I can presume he's no longer enraged. But I thought, after this experiment didn't work out like we wanted, that our boss, Giovanni was not going to use me anymore for any future experiments. And for a long time, that seemed to be the case, until recently...


Professor Fuji is sitting in an old chair. In another chair opposite him is a man in an orange suit accompanied by his loyal Persian: Giovanni.

Giovanni: I must admit that I was very dissapointed when Mewtwo escaped my grasp.
Professor Fuji: I'm sorry.
Giovanni: However, after all these years, I'm giving you a chance to make up for it.
Professor Fuji: *Sarcastic* How noble.
Giovanni: If this experiment succeeds, Fuji, you will have made the greatest scientific breakthrough.
Professor Fuji: *murmers, to himself* It's not like he didn't say that last time. *to Giovanni* What is this so called breakthrough you're talking about?
Giovanni: Let me explain, Professor. Have you ever heard about the other worlds?

Fuji was about to take a drink from a glass a whiskey on the table in front of him. However, Giovanni's comment made him spit out the whiskey again.

Professor Fuji: Other worlds? What are you talking about?
Giovanni: There are portals in this world that lead to other places. They're hidden, but some people do know about them, including that kid whose Pikachu I still haven't got.
Professor Fuji: Well, perhaps you should let someone else try to get that Pokémon for you. If you keep using your worst members...
Giovanni: That doesn't matter now, Fuji. Right now, we need to find the world which, legend says, created us. Or at the very least created video games and animated movies that tell a similair story. Not only of this world, but of other worlds as well. Again, I don't know how they learned all of this, and it doesn't matter right now. But I have been visiting this world a few times, hoping it might tell me how to get that boy's Pokémon, but so far no luck.
Professor Fuji: *Sarcastic* Well, what a shame.
Giovanni: However, my trips there weren't a complete waste. You know who Sonic the hedgehog is?
Professor Fuji: I might've heard about him, yes. From that Doctor you knew.
Giovanni: Eggman, yes. He too is from another world.
Professor Fuji: I always thought he looked kinda odd.
Giovanni: Well, according to the history that other world has on Eggman and this hedgehog, there was once an event that was erased from history. There was creature made out of darkness that was very powerful. Mephiles was his name. Can you imagine, Professor, what power we would have if we had this thing on our side.


Professor Fuji (recording): I wasn't quite sure at first wether I would do this. But knowing that this could work and that we could make the greatest breakthrough in history. It was just too good of an idea not to try it. And today, we reached the final stage. Today, there is a chance that this creature that was removed from history might return. Perhaps now, Team Rocket will finally reign supreme. Finally, we will put our name back on the map next to others like Team Magma and Team Aqua.

Suddenly, the sound of a door opening is heard and a second voice starts to speak.

Scientist: Professor Fuji, Sir. It's happening. He's opening his eyes.
Fuji: Take me to him.
*The sound of running feet is heard, doors open and close, until the two scientist arrive in a more crowded room.
Fuji: Let me through. I want to see him. (Pause) Yes, it is him. We did it.
*People start to cheer*
???: The experiment worked! We were able to ressurect this creature! Can't believe we did it!
???: Well, I feel like we were supposed too! I mean, after that Pokémon Mewtwo blew up our lab years ago, we didn't dare to make new creatures! And so we focused upon resurrecting death people! Giovanni came up with the option to resurrect this hedgehog named Mephiles and that succeeded!
???: Yes, we know that already.
*Suddenly, there is the sound of something cracking.*
???: Professor, the glass. It has little cracks in it.
Fuji: The creature. It's trying to break through. Everyone stand back. We don't know how strong he is.
*It sounds like people are moving, probably trying to keep away from the glass. Then suddenly, there is the sound of exploding glass. People scream and glass persumably falling everywhere.*
Male Scientist: Call Giovanni's helicopter! Tell him what happened!
Fuji: Wait! It's alive! Welcome back, Mephiles. We have been working on this and finally we succeeded!
*Another voice starts to speak. It sounds like your worst nightmare.*
Mephiles: What is the meaning of this?! Why did you resurrect me, anyways?!
Fuji: We heard about your power, Mephiles. And we think it will prove most useful in our attempt to reign over this world.
Mephiles: Are you telling me that I am rescurrected to SERVE you?!
Fuji: That's right.
Mephiles: You don't know me that good! 'Cause otherwise you would have known that I take the lead and that I am the one that decides things on his own! Mwuhahahahahaha!
Fuji: *Quickly* Of course we know that, Mephiles. And we will let you lead when we take control over this world. After you've helped us taking out a group of rivals, who see themselves as more superior than us.
Fuji: Of course, Mephiles. Of course.
Mephiles: Kneel before your master.
*There is a moment of silence where we can only presume Fuji is doing as Mephiles asked. Then there is the sound of a knife slashing. And the sound of blood splashing everywhere. People start to scream and run around in panic.*
Mephiles: You will all suffer that same fate. I take orders from no one!
*People scream as Mephiles murders them one by one. We hear the slashing of the knife, we hear the splashing of blood and we can only imagine how gross it all must look*



Giovanni is on the phone.
Giovanni: Hello? Jessie? James? Can you recieve me?
Meowth: It's Meowth speaking, actually.
Giovanni: Are you still in the Mushroom Kingdom?
Meowth: Not anymore, Boss. We just arrived back in Kanto.
Giovanni: Listen, Meowth. Tell Jessie and James to go into hiding. Somewhere where they can't find us. Me and the others, we'll do the same?
Meowth: Boss? What's going on?
Giovanni: I made a mistake. A very big mistake, Meowth.


SUPER MARIO NUMB3RS PRESENTS...THE MEPHILES YEARS. The darkest story in the history of the Mushroom Kingdom. The story that everyone forgot, but was close, very close to happening. In the next series of chapters you will experience the terror that the Mushroom Kingdom went trough before Mario & Luigi changed everything from happening.

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