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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 3
PostPosted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:06 pm 
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Alex was freezing and completely nude as he carried all of his stuff into the next portal. He was having a hard time speaking as it took him several minutes to finally speak the passcode right. He enters into what appears to be a green portal. He knew blue ones were safe and red ones lead to nothing, so he could only hope a green portal lead to something better.

The police take Lily away to the castle dungeon on Mario’s request. Mario was still struggling on the inside on how to deal with Luigi. He felt like he had the right to put Luigi in his place, but he didn’t want to lose his brother. But no matter how much he tried to think of Luigi being innocent, the thought of Luigi killing Freesia was burnt in his brain.

Luigi sits down on the bench next to Raven. His nose was bleeding down his chin after Mario broke it. He was beyond stressed and depressed. Mario thinking he is a killer, Mario’s breakdown, and Mario’s extreme lack of empathy after what the Ordeal Games has put him through. He felt like even though he survived the Games, the Ordeal Games continues on afterwards. He explains all of this to Raven, to which she keeps silent to let Luigi talk.

“I’m not going to act like I know human emotions to understand what you are going through,” Raven said. “But Mario had no right to say what he said. To do what he did. You are not the one to blame Luigi. I know he’s your brother, but he’s being a selfish jerk for the sake of being a selfish jerk. There’s nothing more to it.”

“I thought it would be over,” Luigi whimpered. “But- it seems the people who kidnapped us, are given a reason for us to make our life worse. They sent Lily that footage. Just to get to me. All because I killed her sister. Everyone else- I just couldn’t- save.”

“Did you kill her?” Raven asked. “Like did you intentionally kill her?”

Luigi shakes his head.

“From what you are telling me, it sounds like, she was the one who attacked you,” Raven stated. “And you two were struggling. And the knife went into her body.”

Luigi gut wrenched. Thinking of Freesia’s death. And how he couldn’t save her.

“Luigi by what I can picture, her death was an accident,” Raven said. “It sounds more like, you two struggled with the knife, and it happened to have went into her. But you weren’t in direct control of the knife as you were struggling with her. Luigi, you did not kill her. Her stupidity killed herself. You can’t beat yourself up over a death you had no control of. Because if you did nothing, you would have been dead. I understand she was young and had probably good intentions for her adulthood. But you must understand, the fault comes down to the people who put you in that arena. And they are responsible for Freesia going insane. You’re not a murderer Luigi. You did what you had to to survive, and the cost was tragic.”

“I wish it were that simple of an answer,” Luigi said. “I couldn’t save any of them. Alex is gone. Who knows where he is. And I am the one left alive to suffer these memories for the rest of my life.”

Luigi puts his face in his palms. Raven comforts him by putting her hand on his shoulder.

Alex walks into the new world, in the middle of a forest. It felt a slight bit cold, and with his naked body, and wet clothing, he was devoid of legit warmth. Alex checks the map of the areas, as it indicates another green portal up ahead, and a blue portal in the further distance. Looking around, it seemed no different than a blue portal. So why was it indicated in green? Alex could breathe fresh air, and despite his sick condition, he doesn’t feel any different. Alex continues to press on towards the next green portal, hoping it can lead him to a better world.

Mario paces back and forth, thinking of what to do about Luigi. He tries numerous ways to calm himself down, such as having peach tea and creating his own ASMR sounds. But nothing worked well.


Mario gets startled when he hears the front door knock. Mario grabs the fire flower as he approached the door with caution. Worried it would be demons, he sets a little bit of fire on the flower as he opens the door slightly.

“Yes, can I help you?” Mario asked, trying to sound as sane as possible.

The guy standing on the front porch was frozen. Then his leg started shaking.

“Um, hey Mario!” the guy stuttered. “Oh god, where do I start.”

“I’m sorry, but you look familiar. Do I know you?” Mario asked.

“Oh right, my apologies. I got too fan boyish there. I’m Luke Kato,” Luke Kato said. “You might remember me. Back in Sacramento. I am the founder of Nintendoism and told the FBI about your brother being in the Ordeal Games.”


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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 3
PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2017 9:26 pm 
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Everyone had left Mount Moon, but it wasn't as easy as it was upon entering the cave. They had to get past a few Clefairy and Clefable before they finally got out of the cave. Luckily, it wasn't too hard to deal with these wild Pokémon. As they got out, Cilan and Team Rocket had already disappeared in the distance. Meowth and Iris were the only ones left.

Iris: Are you still ready to do this, Meowth?
Meowth: Yeah! Lisa needs to know what happened!
Iris: Alright, let's head to the closest airport. We need to get to Lavaridge Town on time.
Meowth: There's an airport in Vermillion City.
Iris: How do you know about that? It's not like you take planes often.
Meowth: Jessie, James and I take the plane back from each region we go to, to return to our base in Viri-... I mean, I can't tell you where the Team Rocket base is. We always land in Vermilion City when we get back.
Iris: Alright then, Vermilion City it is!

The two run off towards Vermilion City. As they were close to Cerulean City, the road to Vermilion City didn't take too long. After a while, the two found the Vermilion City airport. They checked in and waited for their flight to depart.

Meowth: I hate waiting!
Iris: We can't do anything else right now. Be patient!

Suddenly, Iris heard a voice calling out to her.

???: Hey! Iris!
Iris: Huh? Who...?
Dawn: Iris! It's me, Dawn!
Iris: Dawn! I've only met you once, remember? In Cynthia's villa in Unova.
Dawn: Of course I remember. Why are you on the airport?
Iris: Umm... It's kind of difficult to explain, but...
Meowth: We basically need to tell a girl that her boyfriend has died!
Dawn: *Blinks* A talking Meowth... Is this Team Rocket's Meowth?
Iris: Yeah, but we're working together for now, so he won't do anything.
Dawn: A-Are you sure?
Iris: *Nods* Anyways, where are you headed?
Dawn: To the Hoenn region. I'm asked to attend the Grand Festival there.
Iris: A festival? In Hoenn?
Dawn: No. The Grand Festival is where Pokémon coördinators go after they've collected enough ribbons in contests. It's kinda like Pokémon trainers go to the Pokémon League after collecting eight badges.
Meowth: Yeah, Jessie tried to get to the Grand Festival once.
Iris: *Ignores Meowth* Well, we're heading to Hoenn as well. Maybe we're on the same plane.
Dawn: This year, the Grand Festival of Hoenn is taking place in Lavaridge Town.
Iris: L-Lavaridge Town? That's where we need to be too.
Dawn: What a coincidence! We'll definitely be on the same plane, then.

The group continues talking for a while, until their flight departs. Everyone gets on the plane and takes their seats.

Pilot: *Through the microphone* Attention people. This is Vermilion Airlines, flying from Vermilion City in Kanto to Lavaridge Town in Hoenn. We will be arriving at our destination in four hours. Buckle up your seatbelts and be sure to return all Pokémon to their Pokéballs, so they won't cause any trouble.

Meowth: Hey! I'm not going inside a ball! I'm claustrophobic!
Iris: Meowth, be quiet!

Pilot: Any Pokémon that has not been returned to their Pokéball must behave properly. Once we arrive in Lavaridge Town, stay cautious of the nearby volcano's ashes. We will now depart.

The plane departs, with Iris, Meowth and Dawn on the way to Lavaridge Town.

Super Mario Numb3rs, Season 3. I'm so excited!

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 Post subject: Re: Super Mario NUMB3RS Season 3
PostPosted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:38 am 
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When Raiku and Suicune finally caught up with Entei, he was holding a demon's head in it's paws and was trying to bite it off. But another demon approached him.

Suicune: This is not good.
Raikou: Entei! Watch out!

The demon fired an attack and Entei was blasted towards the ledge of the mountain.

Suicune: NO!

In anger, Suicune jumps on the demon and the two of them roll further over the mountain fighting. Entei is hanging on the edge of the mountain, trying to hold on. Raikou runs towards him.

Entei: Raikou, brother. Help me.
Raikou: Hang on, Entei. I almost got you.

But then, a demon attacks Raikou from behind. Raikou roars in pain while he tries to shake the creature off. Underneath Entei's paws, the rocks are breaking down.

Entei: Raikou, I'm sliding away.

Raikou tries to fight off the demon, desperate to save his brother on time.

Raikou: Don't...worry...I will...get this creature off me you.
Entei: Hurry!
Demon: You're too late, stupid dog. Watch what I can do.

The demon blasts a shadow ball to Entei and Entei has to let go.

Raikou: NOOO!

Down the mountain, Ash, Brock and Misty are watching, having just returned from the Mushroom Kingdom.

Misty: Entei is falling, we must save him.
Ash: None of my Pokémon is strong enough to do so.
Brock: Then he is lost.

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